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    Can we get it switched so that K9 units can perform regular police functions also? I hate needing 1 extra unit and have to wait for a car to arrive from 10 minutes away.

    I Agree why even have the K9?? They need to be able to perform normal patrol functions

    Do yours go twice as fast as the ground units? I will admit they are slightly faster but not much and direct line-of-site is nice but they should be scaled for the 120 that they do (rounded off)

    Remember if you move a rescue to a new station the personnel do not stay with the unit, they eventually return to their home station. So for a rescue, you will have to train members from the station it is housed at to man the unit. This is another problem that was looked into but a fix was never found.

    Alliance administrators will see a player's icon turn red after two months of inactivity.

    I have a guy who has been in my alliance for a while now but has a credit balance of zero. As a alliance admin., I should be able to see his last time on somewhere to justify deleting them. If not the member screen, then the member's individual screen maybe??? His account should have turned red a while ago as it has been longer than 2 months with him in the group.

    I like it gives new meaning to mutual aid, would work best if that player was offline. If they are online it might cause some headaches or you could select it to ask approval?

    is there a way we can show date last online in the games maybe in the Alliance Members area???

    It could be set up like below:

    NAME Role Last Date/Time Online Earned Credits


    NAME Role Recent Activity Earned Credits

    This way an Alliance Moderator could delete someone from the alliance for non use with proof from the game itself.

    If this has been brought up already moderators do what ya need to do lol


    Forgive me in advance, I know this was mentioned before but I could not find the prior thread or the outcome.

    An example is a member who was expanding west and no longer wants to continue west, could they donate those stations to the Alliance?
    This way other members could utilize this equipment when they are active, it would make like a wild card station for anyone in the alliance to use while online.

    Another idea with the alliance donation is that these stations could also be given to new players by the admin. If the new player wants to expand in that area and operate those stations.

    First of all instead of getting mad I am going to try and explain my post which was denied and I know not passed on.

    The suggestion was in the programming. Yes I have some knowledge of writing programs.
    Of course you can not delete this type of unit, I said to delete it then rebuild it in the programming and if necessary rename it.

    An SCBA unit is a required unit in the fire service, not my first rodeo. I just thought the above might It might be a quick way to fix the problem for Sebastion.

    I then was trying to suggest a way to improve the unit. Merging it with the utility would actually make the utility a valuable asset.
    Instead of saying no maybe pass it on.

    I do not think I have ever dispatched my utility on a fire scene yet in this game.