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    Just a suggestion...
    Could you delete the Mobile Air Unit, then rebuild it and rename it to say Cascade or SCBA Unit?
    You could also just delete it and replace it with the Utility and add the SCBA "Attributes" to the utility??? You could also add Rehab to the Utility's "Attributes" too.

    Wow my CAD system taught me a new word lol

    It would be mostly handled by fire, although there are some police and EMS services that have water rescue boats. I'd say to start (if this came to be) save the boats for just fire at first.

    Sounds good to me too!!

    Is it cheaper to move my dispatch center (Coins) vs deleting a building another??? I started playing in one area before joining an alliance and now all of my units are far away from my comm. center in a different town.

    This is one of those issues discussed that you start playing before you understand and your stuck with where you first choose to play.

    #1. A Veh. Hit & Run could start with one pd unit initially, then you could up grade the incident multiple ways as desired.
    #2. A Ped. H&R should start with one-PD, one-ALS Engine, One Ambo, then you could upgrade the incident many ways.

    Shouldn't be as much as building a new station? In real life do they put ambulances in a separate building right next door to some firestations? Or do they put it directly in another bay with the fire trucks. The second one.. haha yeah I can see why adding a bay would cost a lot of money but not as much as building a whole new station in another district. But thanks for the reply.

    I could not have said it better!!

    Pilot, Flight Nurse, Flight Medic here. The nurse and medic will take calls via ground ambo, depending on weather. They also handle high risk maternal & neonatal calls via air and ground

    Asking twice won't get an answer any faster than asking once. It's on the list.

    I didn't ask twice, the message you replied to asked for an update to my first request that was asked August 20th, one month ago. Negative comments like that start the thread going down hill and people leave or get banned.
    Are we not allowed to ask for updates? If that is a rule then I apologize for bothering a Mod with this trivial question.

    So many thing have been requested in this forum, no one but you select few know whats actually on the list and where each one ranks. Be positive!!

    Remember its only a game

    Hey Mods....

    Any word on speeding up the helicopters? I sent both to a call from the same staging location. The only difference was direct line of site flight for the helo vs side streets for the ambo. Helos fly at over 130mph. no reason they should ride side by side and ambo on the freeway to the same call lol.

    I know this works in real life, but not sure how it can translate over into the game. With our dept. there are plenty of times a car call requires transport, I would say about 50%.

    No one ever said let his business

    So I won't be bringing Sebastian around to the real world as he's running a business in the most logical way. Do you want me to tell him to let his popular German version sit on the back burner while he works on a game he makes a financial loss on? If so I would question who needs bringing back to the real world ;)

    No one on this forum ever said to let his business sit on the backburner. Believe me I know what his goals are regarding making a profit and coins..... Do not think people who play this game have never done any computer programming. It should not be a hard fix to change the time from 24 hour to say 1 hour etc.

    At times it has seemed like nothing we ever requested was even being considered. The staging area has been a staple of firefighting operations for the last 20 years. Setting up a staging area for 24 hours is a worthless fix. The real world comment you take offense to, was a joke complimenting you guys about bringing his up to speed on US firefighting as a whole.

    The problem I see in these forums as I have stated before is that Moderators seem to take every complaint as a personal slight against them. We as users want the game to do well as much as you do. This is an awesome game that can only get better and better with time.

    With fixes like this and requests like ours there is going to be growing pain, in the end it will only help to make it much better.