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    EMS Chief here is simply trying to understand and assist in your complaint.

    There is no need to get hostile with him. We are here to help. Please keep this civil in the Forum's. Any hostility will be taken as a form of harassment.

    Now I've never steered you or anyone else wrong before, And I see no problems here by EMS Chief. Please keep things civil.

    If the issue is misunderstood then kindly explain it further.

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    In the US, many fire departments do not have dedicated Battalion Chiefs (Division, District, etc) housed in a station. They park in parking spots, come from home, etc. Also in the game, we often have to expand a station's bays more than necessary to house these chiefs when trying to build to realistic (or semi-realistic) standards,It would make sense to change the name in the game from Battalion Chief to Chief Officer, but that's not my suggestion here.

    I am suggesting creating a dedicated bay, similar to the EMS trailers at a reduced cost (maybe in the 10k to 20k range). This bay or spot could only be filled by Battalion or EMS Chief.

    It just seems silly at times to spend an extra 100,000 credits for a chiefs car that in reality is probably at someone's house or in a parking spot.

    I do like where you are going with this. I do have a couple ideas in mind that could involve a specialized vehicle slot that I will run by the content teams which could work for all Versions.

    No idea is a bad idea, Only one's that aren't brought up so I encourage you all to keep it up as all of you as a community are doing a great job and keep this site and game alive!



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    Can someone please help me with figuring out why these patient handoff missions won't work? I have tried ambos, HEMS, Coastal Heli, and nothing works. They are piling up and I am forced to just let them time out. I thought this was fixed already, but I guess not. It is only the patient handoff, not prisoner.....

    If you are using LSSM, Turn off the "Vehicles" option in the "Redesign Settings" the error/glitch will go away and your transporting will go back to normal. I had these issues earlier myself. If it persists please contact either myself or one of the other team members.

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    With the latest update, some of the coastal missions have 10+ patients and it is requiring an EMS Chief. The EMS Chief is not an option for the water based calls. I have a few calls that I cannot complete because I cannot transport the patients.

    This has been reported

    Thank you!

    Coastal Rescue is far different from Swift Water Rescue.

    Coastal Rescue is a combination of Lifeguard and Coast Guard so that Players can decide how they want their Coastal Rescue Stations set up. Swift Water Rescue is based on the Fire/Rescue Departments.

    Different ideas and opinions have been taken and duly noted. I'm sure there will be more changes and features coming in the future. What they are I cannot say however.

    Now with Swift Water Rescue, That isn't being fazed out in any way. Missions Packs are being created to include that as well as Fire Boats. Large Rescue Boats are also being discussed as to how they can be further used and improved.

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    Hello, I am a Member of Allied Responders and we do have Members who operate in the Missouri Area.

    We are open to a possible merge if you and your Alliance would be interested. I can be reached on here anytime.



    As I said in the original post, These are noted and will be discussed. We do appreciate player feedback.

    Now with that being said, I did not "Scold" you. I was just stating we have a Thread for Issues and Complaints which is to prevent Clutter in the Forum's.

    The Devs get any feedback given to us. That's why we're here. To get information from the Player Community to relay it to the Devs. They are busy with working on all Game Versions and Creating Content. We help them out by monitoring the Forums.


    No we technically do not have an overall say but we do our best for you all and try our best for what this Game needs. They ask and we tell. So in a way we do have a say in the matter. But in the end it's the Devs decision.

    We aren't the Devs ourselves but we do have the pulse of the Community and let them know what you all want and aren't happy with.

    And to clear things up with the App Support Channel, They get all of your messages. Imagine getting hundreds of messages a day and trying to respond back. Could you do that and also work on Game Content in a Work Day?

    Again I get the frustration but things are being worked on.

    That is why we ask what you all want and have issues with.

    So I totally get you are all frustrated. As a Player I'd be as well. I know you don't want to hear it but the Devs are fully aware of all bugs and issues that we'd like fixed right away.

    Now with that being said in their defense, They do run several Versions of MissionChief. The US, UK and AUS Versions aren't the only ones and have to work on all of them. And the Devs are people too and also have lives as well.

    Need I remind everyone we do have the Quality of Life Pack to be worked on which entails a lot of ongoing issues, glitches and more.

    Like stated above, The Devs do watch and certainly listen. There's only so much they can do in a certain time limit.

    As a Member of the Moderation Team I can assure you all We and the Game Developers have your best interests in mind and said issues are consistently being addressed and worked on.

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    Yeah unfortunately that topic has been a pain. I can see if this could be done or not.

    How about a reduced price of a small station with only two or three bays? If the idea above doesn't go through?

    Would you guys prefer to see a Designated Traffic Unit? Or a Training Course for Personnel Missions where you can assign them to any Unit?

    In New Jersey I've seen Fire Police/Traffic Control ride in Engines/Trucks to Chiefs, Rescues and Utilities. Especially with Volunteer Fire Departments. Paid I'm not so sure how they do it but also with Police we could have them in Regular Patrol Units, K9's, Etc.

    So that way Players can decide how they want to work their Traffic Control!

    And I would say if Training was the way to go I could try for a 2 Day Course. From when I went and did Fire Police School it took only Two Days for Me as one day is an Introduction and Lesson then the Next is Written and Simulation.

    Thoughts? :/:/:/

    Alright Guys, That's enough!

    Whatever the issue is it will be handled accordingly. We don't want any unnecessary hostile attention towards anyone.

    As far as the Graphics go, That will all be settled as well.

    So Yes, It was a joke and other players may have been offended by it however the player posting it may have not intended it to be offensive. We are not here to quarrel. Now with that being said, If a discussion cannot be settled peacefully then players will be given warnings, If it continues then further action will be taken and said discussion will be closed. I will discuss this matter with MC Administration.

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