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    Most fire departments with a mass casualty protocol consider anything over 4 patients to be a "mass casualty incident"

    Which is why we tweak it to say 8 plus or something along the lines of that. Because with 4 people, that's 2-3 ambulances if they're stable and what not

    So basically you just have them stage in a set area for x amount of time and so on, I love this idea because it adds to the realism to the game. I still hope they add cct, als, and bls to the game

    As stated by an admin before with Ambuses, it would make the game too easy. As for solely transporting, I think it would be too much of a headache than a benefit.

    I still think these types of vehicles should at least become a requirement for mass casualty incidents,with a set amount of patients/prisoners, like anything over 8 or something and then it still require the ambulances as well

    In the UK, you can't send a coroner to a dead patient until a medical professional (ie crew from an ambulance) confirms life extinct. I'm unsure if the US has a similar process.

    Patient Lift Assist is interesting. However, my understanding from a UK perspective is that another ambulance crew would be sent. Fire in those situations where you then need a mechanical process; I imagine fire in the US would probably be sent more often than just another ambulance crew.

    Yea, its a similar process, in the State of Texas, someone at least a EMT-B can call it and at that point the sheriffs office can call it.

    Back to the lift assist, yea we weren't talking about a lift as in a elevator, we were talking about it as in a obese person that the ambulance crew needs help with loading onto the stretcher and what not

    I agree on the pumper tanker though honestly, I don't see how it makes the game 'too easy' Just like for a downed tree mission, a tower or ladder would normally have cutting equipment such as chainsaws as would a rescue, yet I have to send even a type 2 engine or a type 1 for no pay while I have 4 rescues and like 10 towers sitting waiting for a call while all my pumpers are out on runs... Just my 2 cents

    Like each apparatus would need a eo and stuff so if someone wasn't assigned to a apparatus and let's say you have engine 1 and ladder 1, ladder 1's eo is on engine 1, same as e1's, well now ladder 1 is out if service because there's no operator so you'd have to tone out a different one.

    I kinda disagree on the mass casualty, it would make things more challenging if it became a requirement and you upped the amount of victims or required a air evac or featured different types of injuries it would become challenging and more realistic as well. Like limit the amount of ambus' you can get, like one for every x amount of stations and stuff

    Ambos in North America can normally transport one patient at a time, at least in NY and PA. As for HEMS I haven't seen more than one patient in one.

    well down here in Texas I guess we do things differently. Like our lifeflight in Houston has the capability to transport 2 if needed, that's also why a ambus would be cool and it should become a requirement on missions or something and stuff, it'd be really cool, make a highrise or office building have more patients and send a ambus and 6 boxes. And we usually only do the dual transport on a stable bls (like if someone gets I to a fender bender and they wanna play the 'my neck and back hurts routine)

    A call I had in real life involved one of the heaviest people in the UK passing away at home.

    They used a crane borrowed from the zoo usually used to move sedated elephants to get him out. His window was removed too. It was certaintly resource intensive.

    That must've been lovely....

    I was wondering if there could be a possibility of the HEMS and ambulances carrying more than one, like definitely on the HEMS because most air evacs carry 2 patients, and I know almost all ambulances in North America have the capability to, it just doesn't make sense to send 6 ambulances to a high rise or something like that...

    I don't agree with this idea because the game is already good so why go and redo the whole thing and you can RP your own call details through your notes which adds a wide range of more in depth RP then just getting the same calls descriptions over and over again

    I was just saying call notes could be cool, it can also give you the idea of the chance of it being upgraded, so Idk why you had to be rude to him...

    What I have done is purchased a fly car in place of squads like you are suggesting, although I would love to see a squad added to the game.

    Something similar, Houston fire uses squads as a als vehicle (they carry the goodies) and they'll dispatch out with a bls ambulance and ride on and assist, they are also called squads. I myself personally have called my rescue engine a squad because in my dept all engines have rescue capabilities but we had one that had a Cascade system and it got labeled a squad so I kinda just stole that. So instead I call the ALS one (I use a fly car) medic squad.

    Or it could start as a medic call and turn in to what we call a lift assist, where the medic crew calls the fd and we use what we call a fat sack to put em on the stretcher