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    The reason for small stations is so its a basic station with no frills....but its half the cost. If you are unhappy with the amount of time/credits it takes to upgrade for an expansion, it might be better to build regular stations in the future.

    Just a quick bump. We are always looking for more people to add to our group! We are pretty fun and have some hilarious alliance missions.

    The ability to change which facility an ambulance transports to after transporting the unit. Many times the wrong hospital can be selected when transporting. The ability to change the destination can improve the realism

    If this could be done, it would be great! I wasnt paying attention last week and sent my ambo 200 miles away to neighboring hospital.

    Heres an interesting error...I made a staging area to respond to a neighboring members calls about 5 days ago. The staging area doesnt have any vehicles assigned to it, but it will not despawn at all. All it says is that it will despawn "in a few seconds". Ive cleared cache on my pc but the error is viewable on mobile as well. I can also assign vehicles to it and it will allow them to be held in the staging area.

    Has anyone ever encountered this?

    This is an issue. I have had the exact same thing. I have had a helicopter dispatched from the UK to Toronto when I had stations near there. I will put it on the big fix list.

    If it was to limit response distance to 1500km that should be ok right?

    What if the Helo couldn't be dispatched to a call in an area controlled by a different dispatch center? Not sure if the calls generate a flag of what dispatch center they are in, but it might be an alternative solution.

    Welcome to Code 4, Where everything is ok!

    We are a good group of folks from across the US (but heavily located in the New York City Area). We are looking from some like-minded people to join our ranks and help everyone in the group out.

    Some of our benefits:

    No restriction to build area or naming- Feel free to have fictional stations or apparatus (Just make it semi appropriate)
    Frequent alliance missions and events.
    Large player base in NYC but we are growing nationwide
    Hospitals and prisons available and can be built where needed
    Free training classes for the group
    Heavy support for new players and getting you set up and going.
    A discord server where we can hangout or do some dispatching if you are up for it
    A pretty awesome admin team (a couple of them are sketchy so watch your wallet around them)
    While on the topic of admins, our entire admin team is currently involved with emergency services in some way, shape, or form. So if you want to get into the field, we are a wealth of knowledge on things other than the game.

    I know there are a million different groups out there. We are not going to be the best fit for everyone due to the fact that we are still growing and not set up in every place. But if you believe in crude humor, actual personal connections (i''ve made good friends with people that have joined), and a "circle of goodness" that comes with helping others then please join us. I can be reached if you have any questions.



    If you click your dispatch center, And scroll down and go to edit, It is already there. Just gotta check the box of (Establish your own coverage area. Stations belonging to this dispatch center are considered for missions in the assigned dispatch center area.)

    [But i am not being 100% sure that it will do anything]

    I already have all 3 dispatch centers set up to be independent for call generation. My issue is that I have 2 dispatch centers in Missouri and 1 in Florida. Since i use alarm presets for most calls, sometimes i wont be paying attention and not realize my med helicopter is traveling 7 hours to a call in Florida. I am not sure if it would be possible/beneficial to the masses, but thought maybe make an option to have the vehicles remain within their own dispatch center.

    I have multiple dispatch centers and sometimes a helicopter will be sent 7 hours away or a patrol car will transport 200 miles (because im not paying attention). Would it be possible to lock all units/buildings assigned to a dispatch center just to that center? Not sure if the general consensus will agree, but thought id ask.

    I have 3 PD helicopters operating between 2 dispatch centers (one in Kansas city mo and the other in Orlando FL). Ive noticed that when I dispatch the Florida stations to something, it offers the MO helicopters as an available unit regardless of the distance selected. Is this just part of the game or a random bug? I have alarm responses set up and a few times have noticed the cross country flight of a helicopter responding to a call.