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    the cost in credits changes exponentially

    Na, it's changing logarithmic → it's growing slower with each new station ;)

    the cost right now in credits for a small station is approximatley 1/2.

    It's always half of the price of a normal station. However, small stations are capped to one million credits. The price to expand a small station to a normal sized one is always the difference to what you would have payed if you bought a normal sized station immediately. So you will never loose or save money when building small stations and upgrade them later ;)

    The team reported that they're currently working on a solution to make the two map tile servers more asynchronous so that one of them is few days behind. This will allow them to react faster and take the map tile server that contains the spoiled data offline whithout any impact on the rest of the game. (source (german)).

    I personally hope that the vandalisms on OSM are ending soon. It's sad that people are misusing open communities to let out their asshole-being.

    Pressing n on your keyboard is a hotkey to press the orange "Not all vehicles are shown. Load more vehicles" button.

    This button appears as initially, only 250 vehicles are loaded in the mission window due to performance reason. Each time pressing this button loads up to 1000 more vehicles.

    As ARRs fully work on client side (immediately in your browser or in the App, they don't communicate with the game server to select vehicles), it can only select vehicles that are already loaded thus an ARR may not select vehicles that are "further away".

    I personally use dispatch centers to organise my game better (e.g. i got a dispatch center for all of my fire schools, one for all my rescue schools, etc.).

    Also you can (as PBCFireBuff already mentioned) use them to steer how missions are generated.

    You can read how exactly that works here:

    but how accurate would the personal number be

    100% accurate. It sums up how much staff you got at each building.

    and what are the Max Missions?

    This is how many own missions you can have at maximum concurrently. Your missions list (emergency missions) is capped at a certain length, depending on how many stations you got. On beta there is also a new field that says how many own planned missions you can have at maximum [there is no ETA when stable will get beta features as there sometimes are performance issues].

    Hope that answers your questions :)

    found another spot in L.A. this was not on the map 2 days ago because we had an event in Covina, today it appears

    Please try clearing the cache of your browser (Ctrl+Shift+Del works in many common browsers) and reloading the game afterwards. Be aware to only delete your cache and not cookies, history etc.

    At least, I was not able to reproduce this and get an image with this spoiled data, so I expect this to be a local caching issue.

    Yes if it's 2016 its 10 years out of date, maybe ts time for an update eh Devs?

    According to the devs, last update seems to have been in 2018. The team is continuously working on the upgrade-process (which is a non-trivial process). There is a steady (but unfortunately slow) progress.

    => There is no ETA when they have done the upgrade and can do an update of the data but they are working on it although with lower priority.

    If the map is editibale how can I get the game to link to the new highways opened in the last year and half, the Hame shows them but the ingame assets never drove th

    If the open map is editable how can I get the game to link to the new highways opened in the last year and a half, the Game shows them but the in game assets never drive on them it ignores them although they do not exist?

    The game uses the OSM map data for three different purposes:
    * generating missions

    * routing

    * map tiles

    Generating map tiles is a pretty simple and straightforward process, also it is enough to generate a map tile only if requested. Map tiles of very common areas (such as for countries, many players play in). If you zoom into some rarely visited area in game (let's say somewhere in a small city in Brazil) and no one requested this map tile since last data update, then the map server has to generate the images first before they can be shown. Also this is an efficient thing and thus can be done regulary without any (negative) performance impact.

    However for routing, the Routing-Server needs to have large large large amounts of data for the whole world. For map tiles, the information "this is a street of type x" is enough but for routing there are many further data required such as height restrictions, barriers etc.

    That's why the routing server must precalculate all the data before it can calculate routes more or less efficiently. Sebastian (the original developer and former owner of the game) did such an update in 2016 and announced that it would take about 7 days (https://forum.leitstellenspiel…hread/8281-karten-update/). I do not know if any other update has been made since then.

    However I do know that the OSRM (Open Streetmap Routing Machine) Version used in game is deprecated and some versions behind current version. That means in order to update all the routing data and do precalculations, the game team needs to update many things on their side to be compatible with the new version. I am not informed in the current state progress of this upgrade. I also expect the team to give this upgrade less priority in comparison to new features.

    I do not know which data the game uses for generating missions but I expect this to be similar to the routing data.

    => There is difference between the map that is shown (which is pretty up-to-date with the OSM state) and the map data used to calculate vehicle routes (which may has received the last update in 2016).

    Hope that answers your questions :)

    Someone spoiled OpenStreetMap Data yesterday:

    Unfortunately, exactly in the about 2 hours till the changes were reverted (, one of the two map servers downloaded latest data from OSM and thus generated map tiles with exactly these spam data. The user who did this has already been blocked:

    The game team took offline the map server with this wrong data and triggered a new update process. They will take it back online once the process has been finished. As the other map server luckily does not have these wrong data, there are no negative impacts on the game anymore.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't show up in LSSM at all, as it hasn't been updated to have it, due to the issue with it not being registered as a firetruck, I believe

    The new vehicles are now online at least on the Beta-Version of LSSM V.4 (you can switch to beta by selecting "beta" in the setting "version selection" in general LSSM settings). It will be online on stable with the next release but there is no ETA when this will be. Thanks for your patience and reminding us that there are users that would love to have the Content-Pack implemented :P

    For any further issues with LSSM, feel free to write in LSS-Manager V.4 or even DM me here in the Forum (I am not here in the Forums regulary but I have email notifications enabled for DMs ;) )

    Unfortunately, it doesn't show up in LSSM at all, as it hasn't been updated to have it, due to the issue with it not being registered as a firetruck, I believe

    Ah, I see. That happens when a Content Update has not been implemented into LSSM yet. Unfortunately we do not have the time to implement them all ourselfes immediately so we have to rely on the LSSM-community to either implement or regulary ask ^^

    FTR: Contribution guide can be found here:

    We'll have a look if there is any chance that we will implement that soon but I cannot guarantee that :)

    Something else that needs to be fixed at some point, is the Hazmat Pumper not showing up under the Firetruck tab in dispatch, which then causes an issue with LSSM

    You can customize which vehicles are shown in which tab in LSSM settings. That is completely independent from what vehicle types are in which tab ingame. The little ⚠️ above vehicles list shows which vehicle types are not in any tab in your current setting but you can change that in LSSM settings :)

    The limit has been introduces to "prevent cheating because you can move all the staff and then delete the station and then you can cheat 10 free extra staff per Week (but only if you don't use the 10 free staff for anything else)".

    I don't expect XYR to undo that because of this interesting reason for introducing that limit.

    Is anyone else having this reload every day requiring it to be re setup every day? I am almost ready to bin it


    Are you regulary clearing your cookies (e.g. automatically with closing the browser)? LSSM stores it preferences within indexedDB, which is a form of localStorage and thus emptied when cookies are cleared.

    There is nothing, LSSM can do to prevent this, as this is a setting you've set in your browser.

    Possible ways to improve your situation:

    * Exclude missionchief from automatic cookie deletion

    * Export LSSM settings and import the file every time you've restarted your browser.

    There are plans to allow a serverside storage of settings to prevent this type of issue, but that has not been implemented yet and there is no ETA when that will be implemented.

    My understanding is that while the devs control when they fetch an update from OSM, they have no control over whether the nodes associated with that section of the map are 100% accurate and thus able to be fed into the routing system nor any control over when OSM will update the nodes.

    OSM publishes the updates to visuals of the map much earlier/faster than they do the nodes.

    yeah, that's true. So we're both correct but I've just misunderstood your post ;)

    The game uses OSM (Open Street Map) - the updates to the map itself aren't controlled by the devs so sometimes OSM will show the street but not yet have valid routing info for it yet or the nodes are net setup correctly in OSM.

    The Updates are controlled by the devs. The map tiles (what we see) are updated very regulary based on latest OSM data.

    However the routing system that controlls how vehicles are moving isn't updated very often as updating that costs a lot of time to calculate to achieve maximum performance when finding the routes.

    => The visual map and the actual routing data are not synced as that is not really reasonably feasible.

    There is no public schedule available on when the routing data has been updated the last time and when it will be updated the next time.

    However: There has been updates to the adress system recently so we can be sure that they're working at the system at all, maybe that's a good sign :)

    this will allow you to quickly see what missions your own crew are at and which missions you don't have crew in attendance

    You can already see that by the little Icon: An Asterisk means you've never sent a vehicle to this mission, a "person" means, you've already sent a vehicle to this mission.

    Be aware: If you backalarm all vehicles from a mission, it unfortunately doesn't turn back to the asterisk.

    => there's no need for additional colo(u)rs indicating your attendance at the mission.