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    I'm pretty sure i did, but you didn't like them. I would like the idea of being able to shut off calls but then you would say that can be exploited and just turning on large scale calls. That is true, but that is what would help with the problem. I would like lots of medicals and traffic collisions not building collapses and fires every 20 seconds. So by all means if you have any ideas bring them to the table maybe we can figure something out.

    I'm pretty sure you dont understand how the whole multiple account works. Now the other thing is that the whole system is so close minded to a solution on how to make the game more realistic. Now you do seem like a close minded person to the whole idea the game has major issues and does screw over a lot of players on how they play the game. IF those issues were addressed and not new missions that make the game more inaccurate, but that what happens.

    one exploit i know of is the using multiple accounts to get coins. Now im not saying swap the tender with a air unit im saying swap it with an engine because realistically, according to the NFPA any thing over 1000 gallons can be classified as a tender. Now with that being said i think the thought of engine tenders would be a good addition along with ALS and BLS engines and rescue engines and ALS and BLS ladders and quints. but the switching of trucks like the rescue and ladder for certain calls makes sense. This should be up to the players desecration. Honestly if your so worried about somebody getting a few more credits by exploiting it then there should be some rules on that as well right? things should be changed so it does make the game more realistic but also does not give some dishonest people the opportunity to cheat

    no what i am saying that you can replace that second truck with a rescue. like when you want to select your gender you can pick one or the other and would be for that one unit and only that one unit. I think for the more specialty units. think about this so rl truck companies do extrication's and such right so you should be able to switch the rescue to a truck and vice versa this way the player's who do not have those type of resources can replace them with units that they do have. now sure it could be exploited, but the game is already exploited. So truly i think we should have new units like tender engines and rescue ladders which would help with that one problem. but the being able to edit calls is the thing that should be fixed or at least paying to edit the call or if you have a premium account. This way it will be less likely exploited.

    I find your statement illogical. I want the game to be fun and realistic now the game will never be that way yes i have fun sometimes then i get stupid calls like medical emergencies on crane in the middle of nowhere. Before i hit 5 million the game was very frustrating because i only have one rescue in my department so i had to get a second one and then i would have three of those and two partial building collapse. Now back when there was no Rescue engines and Quints the game was a challenge and i think i had something like 5-7 utilites and rescues for 25 stations. Now you might play different then i do which I'm guessing you do you might play unrealistic or what ever you do, but I like to attempt to play fairly realistic. I have gotten people to build around my weak areas and give me MA for calls. I know we could argue about this all day. all I really wanted was some balance for calls so if i don't have the truck i could switch it to having a extra rescue in place or if i didn't have the Water tanker replace that with another engine. pretty much having a switch thing that you can only change that one thing ether you can have that truck or add another rescue

    If this is happening to you, I think you may have stations too close together, this may be the anti-cheat function telling you to spread your stations out.
    Failing that, you've exaggerated wildly and there's no problem at all.

    So you dont understand the concept of rural departments if i need three trucks in the middle of nowhere first truck is 5 minutes out second is 15 and third is 25 and in RL there might be one truck that responds. Now if you Look at Marion County in TN (which is over 824 sq miles) they only have three truck companies in the entire county so this is challenge of this game to make it realistic.

    So the exploitation of this *facepalm* the problem with the game is that you get these stupid calls in the middle of nowhere and then you have to wait 45 minutes for your first arriving truck company so exploiting i would not see a problem with it because you can just put every unit at every station and handle all these calls with one station which would result in exploiting the game again.

    I think the Water Tender aka Water tanker is needed on to many calls like fire in hospital and small aircraft down. Now i can see it being used in a rural area like in real life but when i have a fire in downtown LA requiring a WT and the closest WT is 30 minutes away i think that's a little unrealistic. The idea of Tender engines (which i have been told "would make the game too easy") would not be added even though there is these missions requiring for us to have unrealistic units posted in areas that don't need tenders due to having the hydrants. Now for calls requiring so many ladder trucks like a partial building collapse I dont really have a problem with that, but when it happens in Malibu which mind you this area only have 1 truck Quint 125 i have to ether request mutual aid from LAFD or Ventura County Fire or wait the 30 minutes for a Quint from one of the other stations. It would be nice to edit the mission to what would be required for calls like take away a ladder and replace it with a rescue. I know a lot of departments use their rescues as truck companies on fires or other incidents. I believe the addition of ALS and BLS type 1 and rescues engines would be great for the game after the addition of the EMS rescues, which can be used for ALS squads.

    So if u have like say 500 fire stations u can maybe get 1 to 2 million credits a day but ur stations cost 2 millions o price reduction is a good idea because the game just gets boring working all the time to get a few stations when you want to finish a large department for say FDNY. Just putting it out there

    This is a list from September of last year of there entire fleet and what station they are based at:…list_124#incoming-1037641 I have recently gone through this for my LAS fleet.…fHUpDHT7gr8Mtex16CwkpYuSo

    This is my list for all of my MC units, Page 53 is my new LAS fleet that isn’t in service yet. My LFB and Met police lists are fully accurate. Feel free to use this to help you.

    Hey how do you set up your dual pump ladders quints or type 1 engines? Also what about the Prime movers

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