Moving Units and Personnel between Stations

  • I have an idea that we should be able to move units from one station to another. Lets say I have a Fly Car I want to move from Rescue Boat Dock to Fire or Ambulance Station.
    Also I have another idea same thing but with personnel. I have people at my Fire Station that Have Ocean Navigation training that would be better to have at my Rescue Boat Dock.

  • I bring you good news..... both suggestions are current game features. You either move a truck from one station to another (if you have space at that station) or even swap two vehicles from different stations. Keep in mind that you would need an EMS extension if you wanted to move any EMS unit from one station to another. Additionally, you can move personnel by going to the hire new personnel button and pick which station you desire to move the personnel to and from.

  • But here the thing I can't move personnel to the rescue boat station. I was trying to move the personnel that has Ocean Navigation Training to the Rescue Boat. It is not allowing me to do that. Lets say I want to move my Fly Car to 1 of my fire stations that has the ambulance station. I can't as it will not allow me to do so.

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