Small firehouse/substation

  • I think it would be nice to have a smaller firehouse or a sub station that doesn't add to your station number (thus still limiting your scope of calls) that are cheaper than normal stations (and cheaper upgrade costs).

    You should store type 2 fire engines, utilities, battalion chiefs, fly cars, or air units here (a possible list of smaller vehicles).

    The sub station will also have a smaller starting staffing number (I recommend around 2 to 4).

    I'd like to see this so smaller trucks aren't taking up a very expensive spot in a fire station where another (more useful) fire truck would be able to take its place

  • I was thinking more like a garage style building like a pole barn. Something cheaper than an admin building or fire station. just a little sub station for storing vehicles and equipment that isn't used frequently. Like tenders type 2 fire engines, brush trucks, cascade units, utility trucks/trailers

    Links to photos:

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