A note on reporting errors. Please read before submitting to this board.

  • Hello everybody,

    Lately, we have had several issues reported that don't give us a lot of information to go off of. In these cases, we're stuck seeing if we can replicate the issue on our own to see what's going on. This doesn't always work, as we're using different systems, browsers, and general game settings. So, when you're reporting issues, please include the following information:

    Your In-Game Username
    A description of the issue.
    A screenshot of the issue if it's visual. (Print Screen, paste into imgur.com, provide the link)
    When the issue started.
    What operating system your computer uses.
    What web browser you're using.
    What graphic pack you're using (if applicable to the error).
    What error code you see, if any.
    Did you clear your cache? (Ctrl + F5)
    Any other applicable information.

    Thank you for your help in this matter.

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