Major Trauma Centre

  • With larger setups, it can be quite easy to fill 30 beds in a hospital. Expand the area and the number of hospitals and you'll find 60 or 90 or even more can be easy to fill. Then you've got to go through the trouble of adding different "wings" to satisfy the demand which costs even more money.

    My suggestion is a Major Trauma Centre. It works exactly the same as a regular hospital but can have the ability to expand to 50 beds, not 30. The price - I would go for 350,000. You'd be able to expand a current hospital for the 150,000 credit difference and something along the lines a 24 hour wait (like stations). Naturally you'd also be able to buy it outright if you wish.

    The benefits? 50 beds. No need to keep spending unnecessarily on hospital departments as you would if you built new wings.

    I must stipulate that the traumatology department would be available in both hospitals and MTCs as is the norm at hospitals around the country.

  • An MTC is a classification for a hospital which has been deemed to meet the requirement of an MTC. Which are good surgical and medical departments for every field. Good radiology department. Excellent Emergency Department. And most importantly has the ability due to its specialised staff and resources/equipment to better deal with trauma patients. E.g the rule is if a patient had experienced a major trauma even outside a hospital, they will be transported to the nearest MTC, just like if a patient was burned outside an MTC they would be transported to a burns centre. This is the same for a lot of cases such as heart attacks, strokes etc.

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