Bridge Collapse

  • I had a bridge collapse call that was in progress. All of the required resources onscene handled the call for the required time. As soon as the timer showed "COMPLETE" the call generated 18 patients, requiring Ambulances and EMS chiefs. The patients were not listed at all until the call was completed.

    Has anyone else seen this issue?

  • I have noticed it now multiple times today with large scale calls; Active shooter and shots fired at officer are 2 more to add to the list. All units arrive, the call completes and then patients are spawned, anywhere from 1 to 18. Its frustrating especially for long distances

  • Realistically the amount of patients and need for EMS should be known as soon as the first emergency vehicle is on scene, if not as soon as the call is made.

    Not really. A collapse could mean they are trapped under it/inside of it, thus the unknown amount of patients.

  • For the majority of these calls, the fire department would be needing to complete a rescue to determine the total amount of patients. If it were truly realistic, you’d have patients coming in waves (for some of the calls), meaning you’d need to constantly recheck the mission and update the units attached. The police ones in particular are actually quite realistic in that EMS won’t go on-scene until police have finished dealing with the incident.

    You can always anticipate the number of patients and attach the ambulances with the initial dispatch. I, for one, don’t mind the current setup.

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  • For bridge collapses later on in the game, just send 20 ambulances. I personally just send 1 MCU & 13 ambulances to a bridge collapse, becomes easier. You can just wait until you get the list of patients tho, that works aswell.

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