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    All depends on how you wish to play, but bare in mind there is a limit to a dispatch center for every 25 buildings. I personally just use 1 LA County (for LACoFD & McCormick) 1 for LA Fire, 1 LA Police etc but it's your game :)

    Progress is very slow in terms of building with lots of stations. It’s 1.5mill for each station now. Just figured starting new it would be a bit more interesting than sitting running calls just to save money. Oh well. Guess I’m screwed no matter which way I go. At this rate I’ll likely just stop playing.

    The game isn't supposed to be easier, if you're having problems like this yeah this isn't the game for you.

    As Grubber said, just do what most people do, create a new dispatch center and just tick "Create your own coverage area." and any building assigned to that dispatch center will count towards the missions that spawn in that area. There is literally no point removing your old setup, 1) It still generates alot of money whether you enjoy it or not and will help you progress your new area 2) that's alot of progress gone for nothing

    So the devs changed the rapid response vehicles name to RRV which is fine but in this it changed all my vehicles names to RRV when I had spent hours changing them to '' Solo Paramedic " which I find incredibly annoying any chance of this not happening?

    Hasn't happened to me either.

    A - I don't believe so (you might have to try it though). Since OTLs don't work as RRVs I would assume they wouldn't treat at all.

    B - No, you will only get the CC bonus.

    C - No, you will only get the HEMS bonus.

    D - Yes.

    E - No.

    Hi this mission has been spawning off a fire in a shopping centre even though I haven't had one in a month or so :)

    Some are random, but if you get it saying ("caused by "xxx") the mission will 100% spawn either before or after the smoke calls.

    Thanks guys MissionChief-Team i have evidence that it was all part of Northern Emergency Services Alliance, I would be very keen to have that alliance banned and users suspended

    On a cheeky note if anyone wants to temporarily join my new alliance (TheOutcasts) to help rebuild I would be very grateful and appreciative

    Wouldn't start a new alliance if you want to keep your old one.

    Section 3:

    7 The games of SHPlay GmbH contain elements of interactive actions of players with each other. In order to ensure a fair competition among the players, the following actions are prohibited: 1 Use of multi-accounts:A game may consist of several game worlds separated from each other. The users may not create more than one Account in one game world.

    You're allowed multiple accounts if they don't affect eachother i.e building opposite sides of the country.

    If you're creating more accounts to bypass the 25 stations it's against their ToS and all your account can be banned. If you are doing this I'd just stop playing the game because that seems useless to me.