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    Trying to have as realistic a setup as possible, but struggling with finding how fire officers are distributed. I'm guessing normally they'd just ride the main fire engine and not go in a separate vehicle.

    How have others distributed them? 1-2 per station or do they tend to be located only at main stations? I'm currently set up in Dorset so it's D&W fire.

    Thanks in advance

    With DWFRS we have Flexi Duty Officers are our main officer response. We'll typically have our Station Managers respond from station, so yeah as the rest of the guys said placing them at the larger (mainly wholetime/day crewed stations) are actually pretty realistic. As for the retained stations, they usually respond from home. Because I have no idea where they live I just put them at the station with a delay to simulate that.

    The larger stations, Salisbury, Devizes, Swindon, Stratton, Weymouth, Westbourne etc will typically have a group/area manager assigned.

    A cool way to improve, which also has a minor impact on end-of-content players, would be to have events like 50% off vehicles cost in credits. It would really help players on the bottom of the ladder and give them a small boost in growth when they're starting out, possibly leading to more players joining and continuing to play.

    If it also applies to planes then it'll help players higher up the ladder and make it a little more feasible to have airplane squads.

    If anything it should be buildings 50% off 😂😂

    Agreed with Scotty, not worth it unless you have a surplus in cash and want to spend, or unless you wanna play realistic (even then it would be my utter most last priority)

    Thank you! I’ve never seen ACUs in MissionChief, any idea where to find them?

    They do exist as a Ambulance Control Unit - th3y act as a ICCU and are found at ambulance stations, clinics and HART Bases in my set up I have them as the forward command units form the HART Teams

    As Gooochy said, they're exlusive to ambulance stations, clinics and HART stations. The crew are required to be trained in Tactical Command Course, unfortunately they can't auto transport like ambulance officers.

    What is a ambulance officers job/band do they fit in in terms of the strategic–tactical–operational command structure?

    OTLs are Bronze Commanders (operational)

    AOs are Silver Commanders (tactical)

    ACUs are Gold Commanders (strategic)

    Hey all,

    I've just noticed a weird bug, as you can see below I have 9 officers all Level 2 trained, with a Medic and Sgt, but I need to send a 3rd PSU carrier with another set of 9 with a Sgt inside for the Police Sergeant to actually count on a mission.

    The mission seems to only see the Sergeant as Level 2 trained and ignores the Sergeant training because the mission requires exactly 18 Level 2 PO, and will only make him count as a Sergeant when I send a 3rd unit.

    In summary, the mission only requires x18 Level 2 PO, so the mission doesn't need the 3rd carrier's extra PO so it uses the Sergeant on the 3rd Carrier because the other 2 Sergeants count as Level 2 PO instead.

    I'd expect the Medic to be the same way.

    I don't know if this is a bug, but it's kinda annoying sending a 3rd unit when you only need to use 1 Sergeant and you already have 2 on scene that should count.

    TSG? :D

    9 on each I believe. I plan on hiring at 6 stations for 2 weeks which is 84 staff then I plan to move them into that base over a few weeks (if they fix the transfer issue) after I transfer my 10 staff I plan on training them all in. The same thing and repeat with different courses till I have massive amount of trained staff

    Awesome. Just found some information on TSG within the met so that's handy. Will do the same with the stations, tempted to train them all in both level 1 & level 2

    I agree with the limit because they don't want people to be over using. This unit, they have to. Limit it form a balancing point of view but also for a realistic point of view, I doubt even the force the size of the met would have More then 2 or 3 of these so the limit isn't limiting players to any extent

    Currently with the 20 free staff I have done 10 l2 10 L1 and then I plan on a another 40 l2 and another 20 l1 so I have them to a 5-3 ratio 5 mounted staff and maybe 10 sgts and 5 insp to through into the base.

    Yeah it might be a good idea for me to start planning some things. Out of curiousity, what's the personnel size on the carriers?