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    TSG? :D

    9 on each I believe. I plan on hiring at 6 stations for 2 weeks which is 84 staff then I plan to move them into that base over a few weeks (if they fix the transfer issue) after I transfer my 10 staff I plan on training them all in. The same thing and repeat with different courses till I have massive amount of trained staff

    Awesome. Just found some information on TSG within the met so that's handy. Will do the same with the stations, tempted to train them all in both level 1 & level 2

    I agree with the limit because they don't want people to be over using. This unit, they have to. Limit it form a balancing point of view but also for a realistic point of view, I doubt even the force the size of the met would have More then 2 or 3 of these so the limit isn't limiting players to any extent

    Currently with the 20 free staff I have done 10 l2 10 L1 and then I plan on a another 40 l2 and another 20 l1 so I have them to a 5-3 ratio 5 mounted staff and maybe 10 sgts and 5 insp to through into the base.

    Yeah it might be a good idea for me to start planning some things. Out of curiousity, what's the personnel size on the carriers?

    Lol, typical response.

    "Dont use it" is the stupidest response to anything.

    Cool, stop complaining then. Not going to keep going back and fourth with you on this conversation because you're not worth my time. Enjoy the update.

    Refer to my point on the costs - From a base situation, 4x IRV is easier to get in a station than 1x Detention van. Costs the same from base level. There isn't a really "major" benefit to one unit doing 4 transports at once, not one to warrant limiting to 1/station.

    Then don't use the new unit...

    I don't think it's more to do with realism but more the fact that it transports a large amount of prisoners. It's like they would also would add a Large Ambulance that treats 4 patients... It's the fact it transports in bulk I think it the main reason why it's limited.

    I just do a basic summary, if I need 8 people then I'll set the station to 10. If I need 15, I set it to 20 etc. There is never gonna be just 4 firefighters at a single engine/pump station, especially with volunteers, as same goes with police/ems, some might call in sick etc, but that's just the realistic side. It's alot easier aswell as it keeps a lot of frustration out.

    Could someone explain how this works? P21P6 is the only unit on scene and I can't figure out how this makes sense..

    It means that a police medic is treating the patient, I think in this case it means firefighters are treating the patient, so just a visual bug

    Police depot is a large police station. Think Polar Park at Heathrow airport. The devs didn’t want to increase the amount of vehicles available in a police station so a bigger police station was the only option.

    *sweats after just maxing out polar park*

    Gonna switch to a large depot when you're able to transfer personnel :D

    not following what you mean. I received the notification this morning when I started with "0" missions. Have had missions come up and clear and cleared the screen several times of all missions. NOTHING. When they show up....where will they be? Maybe I am just not seeing them?

    You will just have to wait then. They will eventually appear to the right of the mission name in the top left, just like the image Shemu posted above.

    Been playing all day and have not seen any easter eggs "spawn". Has anyone else seen them? Where do they pop up? It says "every few missions" and I am well over 100

    They don't appear on "old missions", missions that haven't been generated before the update was applied, meaning you'll have to clear out all your missions and your new ones will eventually have them. If you've done that then just wait, they will appear eventually.