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    While we're on this conversation, what would you class Equipment Support Vehicles as? I've got them down at the moment as SRVs since they're sprinters.

    So I built my First EMS Station and as soon as i did the vast majority of my calls became ems to the point were I always have way more ems call then i can keep up with and very few fire call when i have 5 fire stations to 1 ems station is there something i can to to make fire a higher chance to spawn over ems or do i just need to slowly make more ambulance to try and keep up

    I always recommend having at LEAST 11-13 fire stations before moving to EMS, because once you get EMS you'll want to have the units/resources to gain credits quickly so you can purchase a hospital & more ambulance stations.

    This is exactly it there are no stations really where you are going to have 24 garage slots in UK. Yes you have some service HQs that have over 30 units set to them but then majority are officer cars and not all on duty at same time as they are spread over 4 watches.

    I'm just going over a fleet list for Scottish Fire and Rescue, so far not seeing any station that meets the game criteria. So basically if playing realistically you will never meet the criteria.

    I am playing as realistically as the game allows, all stations have same units at them as just now given the nature of how calls spawn it totally unrealistic, is it would be highly unlikely you would see the high numbers of major calls in real life but even with this and my current large station setup I only use 16 bays (4 of which are officer cars and may work them onto a watch system)

    You fail to remember that this game can't be 100% realistic. You can't have "watches" and deal with major incidents left right and center. I have the majority of my LAS stations maxed, and I actually still need more stations because they store a hell of alot of ambulances at their stations.

    How do I differentiate the 2 unknown taker spill calls? I am just getting my ARRs set up and I am very confused.

    I have the Tanker Spill in ARR setup with 1 hazmat, using LSS I see if it requires 1 or 2, if it requires 2 I'll add another Hazmat manually, if it requires 1 I'll just send the ARR alarm.

    Its the same with the two accidental acid burn calls.

    If it's accidental I'll just send 1 ambulance. If it's not accidental I'll send the ARR alarm.

    I don't see how it's to complicated when the M20 has direct access to the station and there a off ramp at the other city I have deployed it to.

    Welcome to google. It usually sorts itself out eventually.

    I've recently started to get annoyed that the type 3 brush engines are responding to regular missions, I don't really fancy making a whole ARR setup just to stop them, could it be possible to have like a checkbox when editing the vehicle saying something like "Act as a fire truck" or something like that?

    This gets annoying especially in Colorado where every station has a brush extension and you've got wildfires everywhere but can't send your brush trucks because they're at a building collapse or something.

    How much does it go up by? I'm nearing my 20th station and want to know how much extra I should start saving

    I THINK from memory the 25th station is 200k-250k. Then 270k, 290k etc (there is a formula on this forums somewhere that will tell you.)

    Not really, because the reward is COINS, not cash... Coins can be used to speed up expansion progress..

    The 7th day is coins, day 1 - 6 is useless. The only reason why I claim the reward is for that 1 coin, but when you have over 600 coins in the bank as it is... Plus I would never spend coins on speeding things up, only buying stations.