Maximum stations

  • Good Afternoon Folks,

    I'm querying is there a max number of stations you can have? I have 24 Fire stations and trying to build a small station thats costing me 208,000 credits? Is that supposed to happen? Is there a threshold before it costs more>?

    Thanks in advance

  • Direct from the game

    Why are my buildings getting more expensive?
    After your 25th station the station prices will go up. This is to provide a steady pace of progress, once you have such a huge income flow at those levels of play.
    This is the current formula, how the price of the stations are calculated:
    Building costs (in Credits) = 100000+(200000×log2(Number of stations−22))

    You can build as many as you want I have over 30+ fire covering 3 counties.

  • Great bud cheers

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