Vehicle Suggestions and Improvements

  • I love MC, but one of the biggest things pulling it down is the limited variety of the vehicles. The best thing about MC is the management, but with unbalanced and limited vehicles, the management of the game is broken. I have a few suggestions.

    - Differentiate price of Type 1 and Type 2 engines. Right now Type 2 just carry fewer crew members making them less efficient, however they are the same price as a Type 1. There is no reason to choose a Type 2 (other than vehicle classification). I would like to see this potentially used as a wild land engine classification, perhaps by adding a "Off roadd" ability and requirement for some missions.

    - Create a Type 3 engine classification. This could be a light engine, or patrol or squad (depending on local names). The idea being a cheaper, lighter engine similar to a utility, but able to have basic fire suppression capability. Max crew of 2.

    - The "heavy rescue" requirement is currently WAY overused. A heavy rescue should be called out rarely, about as often as an air unit. This can be fixed by adding a new capability called "light rescue". Rescue Engines, Platform Trucks, and Utilities should be qualified to function as a "Light Rescue."

    - BLS and ALS ambulances are currently the same price, meaning there is no reason to sacrifice the functionality and buy a BLS unit. You can pair a BLS ambulance with a Fly Car, but why, when for less money you can buy an ALS ambulance. ALS ambulance cost should be increased, to balance the increased capability of them.

    - I would like to see the addition of wild land firefighting equipment such as Dozers and Hand Crews. With this would come a new world of fire related calls. (along with the wild land engine capabilities of Type 2 engines... see above)

    What does everyone think? I am open to discussion! :D

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