Why Should YOU Join CalFire?

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    Welcome to CalFire!

    We are always looking for the finest players of MissionChief to join the CalFire alliance, so that we may band together with each other and create the ultimate connection within MissionChief!

    Many of our alliance members are based in the State of California, but we also operate outside of California in all states, like Texas and Arizona. However, you do not have to operate within these specific states, as we will take applications from all over the United States. Because of this, our alliance communication and assistance buildings (hospitals, jails, etc.) are all spread throughout the nation, regardless of what state you may operate out of.

    Here at CalFire, we strive for the most accurate and realistic gameplay anybody could call for within MissionChief. We believe that our realism is the key to the maximum structure and order of the alliance. Whether it’s station locations, station names, in-game units, or even missions to represent a real-life disaster, almost everything built and developed in the alliance is monitored to the extent of maintaining order and making sure that everything in the alliance flows like the water running from our hoses.

    The alliance holds daily training missions during winter and specialized OES missions during the Fire Season. These specialized missions are to help the alliance by building teamwork, cooperation skills with acquaintances, and gaining experience within the alliance. You will also get a huge boost in credits from these missions, which can prove useful in any situation.

    The CalFire alliance has a Discord server! That’s right, we have a Discord chat server just for the alliance to prioritize communication! While it is not required to join the server, it would benefit you since it is the primary source of communication throughout the alliance. We highly recommend that join if you are wanting to chat and have a good laugh!

    Finally, CalFire is more than just an alliance; we are a family. We take great care to all that join the alliance because when you join, you become part of something great within MissionChief. We, as an alliance, also promise that this is a safe space for everybody. If you join this alliance, we promise to keep our word that we are always willing to work with you, and that we will never use your personal feelings against you.

    We will all rise up greater than any mission that MissionChief can and will throw at us. We will get it done.

    This is CalFire.

    Find our alliance here: https://www.missionchief.com/alliances/615

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