• Hi there,

    There's a few units some of my team have noticed are missing for police unlike irl (not including my previous post)

    Bomb Disposal
    Police Boats
    Horses (if possible)
    ARV Jenkel

    Would these be able to be added at some point to make MCUK better than other games?

    Keep up the great work Devs you're awesome!

  • Going to add a few I feel the community really is missing, almost priority list. Of course I'm not expecting this to be acted upon ect ect...

    Roads Policing Unit - RPU (traffic)
    Police Support Unit - PSU (riot)
    Marine Policing Unit - MPU (waterborne)
    Criminal Investigations Department - CID (investigations)
    Collision Investigation Unit - CIU (investigates serious collisions)

  • Maybe I worded it wrongly. When I wrote priority list, I was describing what units I think should come first over the others as there’s many been suggested.Not priority over other work as I understand that you are working/planning on a police overhaul like you said after Amb.

    I try to keep as up to date as possible with the forum news to avert misunderstandings.
    Thanks for your work nevertheless.

    Oh if you could see the list of content that we have planned. We would like a substantial police update (hence the new police missions) once ambulance is sorted

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