Strictly needing a certain amount of units per calls

  • (I want to play MC as realistically as possible. I also imagine this being an option in Dispatch Centers so if you dont want to play like this, you dont have to)

    I've been playing MissionChief for over 2 months now but their is one aspect of the emergency calls that bother me a bit. I'd be fine if my idea doesn't get implemented but here it is anyways:

    I personally don't like how you need a strict amount of vehicles for a call i personally like it better if one unit could handle a call Very Very Sloooooowly. Anyway, I would like if you didn't need a superstrict amount of units per call. This is how I would imagine it:

    Engines have water tanks, if that tank runs out it requests a second engine automatically, if that engine runs out it will request a tanker or another engine, the engine would also need to refill at FD stations, the original engine would have a 70% chance of finding a fire hydrant but more crew = calls completed faster so it may be worth it to send another engine too. but that engine would have to either take water from the engine (which will be less efficient) or find its own hydrant (much more efficient) finding another hydrant would be like a 30% chance.

    Water tankers have water tanks <--- english 2000, Water tankers have much more water than an engine and they can supply water for a engine for much longer they would also need to refill at stations

    Aerial Towers have a tiny water tank, aerial towers can place water on a small fire but cannot fight a mid-sized - large fire if sent by itself

    All Other have fire extinguishers, cannot fight small - large fires but can fight the tiny fires

    A final feature but i don't really care if this doesn't get added - Fires that can grow in size like a more gradual mission expansion so that A Bin Fire cant expand into a Partial Building Collapse into an ATM Robbery (ik the fire missions cant actually expand like that) anyway so that they can expand like taking more time to complete instead of if instantly just saying Little Field Fire, to Little Wildfire

    Sorry for writing so long!!! Also thanks for reading all the way through!

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