All stations generating calls

  • In another thread I made "A New Feature I Feel Like Should Be Added" I basically asked if zoning calls would be possible, the short answer is no. But I have another idea that is like zoning but I don't know if it would work or not. I really want something like zoning and a use to my patrol routes

    The Idea:
    In a Dispatch Center you have an option that says "stations generate each others calls" or something like that. (I image this being an option you can choose per dispatch center) Basically every station can generate a police fire or medical call. Any building in the dispatch center can generate each others calls. I also Imagine stations without dispatch centers only generates its own calls ex. FD only generates FD calls.

    Also on the topic of realism, for all the people that play with BLS ambulances is it possible to get more BLS calls than ALS? From what I know BLS calls happen more often.

    Last Idea, is it possible to have a more realistic dispatching sound? And like a Fire Station Alarm Tone everytime a new call comes in? And another "decision sound?" ex. Transport and Call Expansion

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