Follow Up Missions

  • I really feel like there should be more follow up missions, you really only see them when you are new to the game and you are generating small calls.

    Like a shooting can generate an officer down near it, a vehicle pursuit can cause road accidents.

    This also brings more ideas of mission types:
    Stabbing Suspect is the original call, they can also generate a couple stabbings. Or lets say you have a two POIs next to each other: A Hotel Fire can cause a Little Field if the POI is next to it.
    Another example. The main call is a Road Accident, the call generates 2 cars as follow up missions and a unit needs to be sent there to address the scene. Maybe also It generates 2 People that the police needs to take the sides of and take their statements.

    Final example, i would also like instead of missions expanding into officer downs they are generated by the mission and the officer down would be a seperate mission.

    For people that dont know what follow up missions are:
    Its a option in the dispatch center that lets you have one call generate more calls like, A Burning car can cause burning leaves as a separate mission. So the mission would be called: Burning Leaves caused by "Burning Car" adds another level of realism.

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