• Quarry POI could be really cool making it a high chance to get current missions and add new ones.

    Missions that could be more common:

    Burning machine

    Arm caught in industrial machine

    Person trapped under machine

    Construction vehicle accident

    new missions that could be added:

    Quarry collapse (small)

    5 Fire Trucks

    1 MCV

    2 Heavy Rescues

    2 Platform Trucks

    Possible Patients 0-5

    Transport possibility 70%

    Prisoners 0

    Credits 5,000

    Quarry collapse (large)

    10 Fire Trucks

    1 MCV

    5 Heavy Rescues

    4 Platform Trucks

    Possible patients 3-10

    Transport Possibility 80%

    Prisoners 0

    Credits 10,000

    Those are just the main 2 missions that could be added, if anyone thinks of more reply to this thread.

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