Mission Spawn Radius // Contract/Mutual Aid Units // Increased Rarity for Certain Call Types

  • This is my 2nd ever post on this forum, and I apologize if I'm bringing up discussion that have been run through many times which I may be doing but in my years of playing on 10+ accounts with my main account having 542 buildings I have learned some quirks and things with the game I wish could be changed. Firstly my main account is based in southern California and I started it in San Diego county and expanded out. The east county portion of San Diego County is quite spread out and there are some populated areas that are 10-20 miles from the nearest fire station where calls would never be generated in missionchief at this point. What I've done now is created fire stations there labeled "Mission Generator - [Community]" and expanded them with respective expansions to make it more realistic (i.e. ambulance + water rescue near a river, wildland expansion near a forested area, etc). This is not a perfect fix and I wish I could someday move and utilize those as real fire stations if some sort of call radius feature was added.

    Additionally being that my stations now cover San Diego County, Riverside County, Kern County, San Bernardino County, and Imperial County, I have added units from different states and counties as mutual aid resources. For example Fire Station 32 in Needles (San Bernardino County) is supported in real life by Mohave Valley Fire Department so I added those stations. I don't want to be responding to calls in those areas, just using them as mutual aid units. Same with units from Yuma, AZ to support Winterhaven, CA (Imperial County) as well as Clark County Fire Station 87 assisting San Bernardino County Fire on accident on the I-15. So if there was a feature to turn off call generation to a station that would be very useful.

    I also wish truck companies could be used as rescues on a lot of incidents. For example in Carlsbad, CA a rescue traffic collision would be handled with only engines, a chief, a truck, and an ambulance. No heavy rescue unit. But a cliff rescue for example utilizes the Urban Search & Rescue unit. It'd be nice if there could be some sort of Heavy Rescue Training that could be given to Heavy Rescue units and those would be required on major rescues such as structural collapses, and other incidents where heavy rescue training would be needed.

    I also have opted to use quints for certain San Diego County fire engines and designate their unit type as "County Fire Engine" and always assign 1 "county fire engine" in the AAR since there is only 1 truck company in all of the San Diego County Fire Authority and almost every structure fire call requires a truck company. It would be nice if you could add a "No Trucks Needed" or some type of option to a dispatch center or fire station.

    Finally, my main annoyance at this point is the frequency in which I receive Industrial Fires and major hazmat calls like Unknown Tanker Spills, Hazardous Materials Truck Fires, etc. These always frustrate me especially when they are in rural portions of the map where units will be committed for 1-2 hours waiting for hazmat and mobile command units.

    As a final point, a lot of people talk about how something could be exploited and whatever, but at the end of the day this game is really just a game about doing what you want to and there is not really any competition. I get that it would affect the sales of in game coins, but it sucks when some mechanic isn't added because someone might be able to exploit it.

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