Bomb Squad/K9 unit for Abandoned Luggage

  • To whom it may concern since abandoned luggage is a national security issue i suggest bomb squad and K9 unit as a requirements for that call and also since its a federal offence it should include 1 fbi unit and 1 bomb squad and 1 atf unit and since its done by a lone wolf the possible prisoners ration should be 1

  • Wolfman1988

    Changed the title of the thread from “Bomb Squad For Abandoned Luggage/K9 Unit” to “Bomb Squad/K9 unit for Abandoned Luggage”.
  • As someone who deals with abandoned luggage all the time, I can tell you the K9 and much less the ATF and FBI don't show up on the response. Usually a K9 is only called in if the bag is suspicious and I've never had the ATF show up for abandoned luggage. The FBI showed up once (out of 5,000 plus calls) but that was due to what was abandoned.

    Now once the incident has progressed, that certainly changes who shows up, but not for the initial call.

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