Map Question

  • On desktop, is it possible to use the OpenStreetMap mode with satellite? I'd like a change of scenery while playing and would like to see everything in Google Earth type fashion.

    I tried everything I could think of, the closest I came to was using the MapKit mode for satellite, which works, but has a few problems. You can't filter icons or put your mouse over missions to see the title. Satellite mode works well on mobile with the Apple Maps but isn't quite the same for desktop it seems.

    Is it possible at all to use satellite mapping on desktop and still be able to filter icons and mouse over for mission titles?

  • OpenStreetMap does not have a satellite version. Apple Maps & Google Maps both have free use on apps on their respective app stores but requires a license for desktop for a significant fee - so it is in everyone's interest to use OpenStreetMaps, which is open sourced and does not require a license. Unfortunately MapKit is the only way to get satellite and it obviously has its disadvantages, as you have described.

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