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    how is the coverage in the Los Angeles area? I been building all my stations in LA City

    LA coverage is low to decent I'd say. We have a few members with filled stations down there.

    How is the coverage in Florida? There are only 3 of us in our small alliance and we are trying to build out Florida. I have about 25 counties covered myself

    I have the entirety of Brevard County finished as of now, including coastal buildings. I believe I can reach any mission in the state of Florida.

    You can setup a custom ARR category to exclude the foam tenders from this classification.

    Of course, however for those of us that already have numbers of 50+ if not in the double digits of Foam Tender units, that would mean we have to go through every single Foam Tender unit we have to manually do that, right? That would be very tedious on our end.

    Personally, I think the Foam Tenders being auto selected in place of Water Tankers is basically the opposite of QoL and is rather annoying most of the time. It's nice that they do that but is rather useless if they don't actually carry any water, meaning that you still have to manually dispatch an actual Water Tanker sometimes. It holds up missions from completing and slows everything down.

    NFPA references are great and all, but is there any department in the US that would send Foam Tenders in place of Water Tenders to a wildfire? There's a reason that you don't see that.

    The Foam tender still counts as a water tanker for vehicle count, please see the example below as I just tested it.

    Medium Wildfire requires 2 Water Tankers, I've only sent 1 Foam Tender to the scene, the Water Tanker requirement dropped by 1.

    Yes, the Foam Tender does count as a water tanker but doesn't actually carry any water, even though the description says it should.

    "Is equipped with a water tank and foam agents to produce foam that is more effective than water for certain types of fires."

    The Foam Tender will be auto selected on ARRs and arrives at say, a wildfire, but doesn't even add to the needed water gallon amount to complete the mission.

    I probably won't do a good job explaining this, but you can add some frames in between the red/blue flashes where only the headlights are active. You could also try including frames where the main lights change, but the headlights stay on. For example, if you have two frames with red lights and headlights, leave the headlights on for the third when you swap to blue, etc. Just find a pattern and repeat. There’s a good bit of trial and error trying to figure those out, especially if you want them to flash a certain way. Although not exactly what you’re trying to do, here’s an example where the wig-wags flash at a different rate than the main lights, and the frame order to create it.

    Could you please share that APNG program/website that you're using? Looks a lot better than what I'm using, lol.

    Not sure if anyone else has this problem or feels the same way.

    Would it be possible to exclude Foam Tenders from responding in place of Water Tankers/Pumper Tankers in ARRs? It's nice that they try to respond as a closer unit, but this usually results in the mission still requiring one or two engines after all units arrive on scene. I have to then go through and manually dispatch another engine or two to finish it, when the mission could of already been completed by Pumper Tankers long ago.

    I know you can manually exclude certain vehicles from ARRs or create your own class type, but that would require you to go through and update every single Foam Tender and ARR that requires them to do that, which is a massive pain when you have a lot.

    With the recent Coastal update, it says for some missions that there is a minimum requirement of personnel that need to be available for the mission to spawn. Such as 5x Lifeguard Supervisor, 25x TACLET, or 50x TACLET. For example, the mission "Multiple Whaling Vessels Performing Illegal Operations" requires 50x TACLET personnel to be available, but only 24x are actually needed on scene.

    My question is: Not every single station needs to have the 50x TACLET personnel to generate the mission at that specific station, correct? They can be distributed across all stations as long as you have minimum 50x total and will still generate the mission at every single station?

    Just want to make sure as it's a new mechanic and will help me understand the unit setup of the twenty stations that are needed. Just want to make sure we don't need 50x TACLET personnel at every single station for it to generate the mission everywhere, haha.

    On desktop, is it possible to use the OpenStreetMap mode with satellite? I'd like a change of scenery while playing and would like to see everything in Google Earth type fashion.

    I tried everything I could think of, the closest I came to was using the MapKit mode for satellite, which works, but has a few problems. You can't filter icons or put your mouse over missions to see the title. Satellite mode works well on mobile with the Apple Maps but isn't quite the same for desktop it seems.

    Is it possible at all to use satellite mapping on desktop and still be able to filter icons and mouse over for mission titles?