Content Pack Released: State Emergency Services Update & Volunteer Marine Rescue

  • MissionChief-Australia has released a new content pack!

    Dear MissionChief community,

    We would like to introduce our water rescue and SES update.

    Here is what it contains:

    New Buildings: 🏢

    - Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR)

    - Water Rescue Academy

    New Vehicles: 🚤

    - Coastal Rescue

    - Large Coastal Boat

    - SES Rescue Truck

    - SES Mobile Command Vehicle

    - SES Storm Trailer

    New Educations: 🎓

    - Ocean Navigation

    - Coastal Rescue

    - SES Mobile Command

    With this update there will be ocean missions that take place on the open sea. For these missions missions to spawn in the sea your coastal rescue stations will have a spawn area. This spawn area is set to a certain size but you will also be able to set size and position individually. To go on ocean missions you will need the Volunteer Marine Boat we will introduce with this update. This vehicle will be there especially for ocean missions.

    While your crews are on the sea working on a mission there might be patients with bad injuries so that they will need a hospital. Of course you can’t just put them into an ambulance when you are in a boat somewhere on the ocean but the next prison or hospital might also not be right at the shore so that they can’t be brought there by boat. Because of that there will be handoff missions. Once you have brought your patient to your coastguard station at the coast, this mission will take over and your patient ´will be transferred to an ambulance vehicle to be brought to their final destination on dry grounds.

    We will be releasing more in depth missions for the SES and VMR after giving you some time to train your personnel!

    To celebrate the new content there are double credits 24 hours! 🎊

    Please let us in this thread any comments, issues, concerns!

    Thank you,

  • Having played the SES and VMR content pack since it's introduction, thank you EMS-Chief for putting forward all of my suggestions I gave you for how SES should start to look to the devs for implementation.

    Having the staggered introduction for missions that require the new vehicles was one of the best things ever and hope it is introduced to other versions of the game when new content is introduced.

    Also having the selectable service status for the SES stations has been great to also help manage them a bit more

    Again, thanks for giving us a good update that is going to fix a lot of long-term issues with SES since it's introduction

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