TC ERS UK alliance recruitment

  • TC ERS UK was founded on Dec 29th 2023, and we are looking for active users, and whether you’re an experienced or new player, we welcome all.

    We are an extremely friendly and welcoming team, who offer support when needed.

    Training for courses, is offered free, and courses are created daily, our alliance buildings are also free.

    Our team consists of many experienced members, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions.

    Alliance Buildings are located all over the UK, and we are adding more everyday.

    We encourage a relaxed and pleasant playing style, and players are encouraged to share their bigger missions to assist newer members to grow and learn.

    We ask that everyone has a registered account. This is to do two things, the first which is the most important, protecting your game the second is so we get to know you as a name is better than a number. We will deny applications from unregistered accounts.

    We encourage Equality and Diversity for all of our members. Discrimination will not be tolerated.

    We hope you will enjoy your time with us here at TC ERS UK

    There are plenty of roles available which will be applicable through online forms through discord or In game through DM to bigt53

    Lsm and storms

    Will be available on request with no limits

    Operating areas

    Multiple areas across the country, including

    Yorkshire, Humberside, East and West Midlands, London, and the East Coast, as well as North East and North West

    There no requirement for realistic places for buildings

    Applying to the alliance

    Please apply to the alliance and allow 24 hrs to be reviewed and accepted please state your area of operations thanks

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