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    I like the idea of a loan system however I feel the way you've explained it won't be doable, I'm no coder so I could be wrong.

    It all seems vastly complicated when you think about the features we have at the moment.

    You obviously have some good ideas for alliance features though, I'd suggest putting them all together and how they would work in a post either on here or send it to me in a message then I can ensure they're logged for the DEVs to decide :thumbup:

    Granted it's taken a year for someone to reply on here (I'm not sure why but I'll apologise on behalf of us all) however it has been noticed.

    Other features such as alliance admins, forums etc have been raised before.

    I don't however agree with the "first priority". My alliance is an "OG" and we have no issues, I limit who has admin privileges and will not grant anyone full access and amazingly the alliance runs smoothly even during any absences I have.

    I love the idea of an alliance dispatch centre, it would definitely help large alliances.

    I do like the new idea of a loan system.. its different and I agree it would help but I can't help but think if it would be abused?

    What would happen for instance if a new member loaned 5 million from an alliance and then immediately left after spending it?

    Instead the ability to loan buildings? You can upgrade and fill with vehicles like a normal station and then have the option to buy it when you have the funds? And if you leave the alliance before buying it from the alliance you immediately lose the building, all units and money spent on upgrades?

    Congratulations to Mattbid08 on joining the content advisor team!

    Matt is an RNLI water safety advisor meaning he joins the team as the RNLI Content Advisor!

    As part of the Search and Rescue (SAR) advisor team we now have HM Coastguard, RNLI and Lowland Search and Rescue (LSAR) covered.

    We're still on the lookout for a Mountain Rescue Content Advisor, please contact me if interested.

    You must be either serving/retired member of Mountain Rescue to ensure you have sufficient knowledge of the service.

    Sorry, but in addition to barely using it, I really don’t have the time or patience anymore to check the forum. I was driven here because it was the final straw to a very long and tedious 2 months trying to sort out my setup. If it’s been brought up that much then maybe something should be done about it? Seems like a pretty straight forward fix, no?

    We all must remember the DEVs have 24 versions of MissionChief to manage, each version requiring updates, fixes and new content to be created.

    It may seem like a straightforward fix to you and you may be right however there will be other fixes that are much higher on the list to sort out.

    And yes it's been brought up that much, twice in about the space of a month or so which does not really give the DEVs time to sort it when you think about how much work goes into 1 version, then times that by 24.

    The IRV issue frustrates me too however I will work around it for now as overall the game is fantastic!

    Can we please ensure we're checking the forum before posting?

    Police AARR's (especially the IRV request) have been raised multiple times, twice by the same person.

    By checking this we can help keep the forum tidy.

    The team are working really hard on creating content for the UK version.

    Whilst I understand that some missions do not have for example "1 x Ambulance station required" it does not cause any major issues.

    It will be sorted but in my opinion its not high on the list to add a 1 x station requirement to a small mission.

    I'm setting the deadline to register your interest as Friday 27th May.

    Although it's preferred for you to have an RNLI/Mountain Rescue background it's not necessary.

    Providing you can show you have the knowledge and understanding of the chosen service in order to develop content for the game then you can register your interest.

    As part of the team you will also help develop content for other parts of the game, we're a friendly group with a range of experience.

    You can contact me via the forums, Facebook group or ingame in MCUK (alctw10).

    We look forward to welcoming two of you and working together on the future Search and Rescue (SAR) content! :)

    Hi all,

    An exciting opportunity has arisen to join the team as a content advisor!

    We are looking for:

    1 x Mountain Rescue Content Advisor.

    1 x RNLI Content Advisor.

    You must be either serving (or have served) or have sufficient knowledge of the service.

    You must also be an active player of MCUK.

    A few things to clarify:

    1. There is no set date for SAR content, we are merely finalising the team in order to work on something for the future.

    2. We already have a Coastguard and LSAR advisor and only require 1 x MR and 1 x RNLI.

    To register your interest please contact me with:

    - Why do you want to join the team?

    - What service are you a serving/retired member of?

    - Whats your MissionChief Experience?

    - MissionChief username?

    - How much time can you give the team?

    I'll look forward to receiving your messages and we look forward to welcoming two of you to the team!

    When I started to implement some CG and MRT stations I built small Ambulance stations, placed RRVs inside and changed their graphics.

    That way they would generate medical calls that they may be sent to and they would not be able to convey.

    That's why I specified for SFRS, almost every station with Water Rescue here is fairly large or at least above average. If you read above you will also see I understand in some other regions within the UK it works differently and that because of that it's not really my place to talk.

    I read above posts on threads before commenting.

    I was just commenting on the small fire stations and how where I am they often have dual purpose vehicles such as water/cliff.

    Generally, Water Rescue is only found in larger stations irl anyway (at least for SFRS)

    Area dependant, common for fire service water rescue units to also be at small stations. Some small stations also have a combined water/cliff rescue resource such as a 4x4 or van and boat trailer.

    Could be an optional thing? Just as missions require CBRNe or HazMat you could have Fire Water Rescue or SORT/HART Water Rescue.

    HART would not be tasked for water rescue in place of an actual rescue asset such as fire so this suggestion is not realistic.

    I would also say calls like person jumped off a bridge will probably not happen due to the devs stance on suicide missions

    This could be done as "Person fallen from bridge" similarly to "Fallen from height"

    When water rescue is added I would like to see HART Units as a requirment for water rescue calls ( but not all the time)

    HART will obviously be part of water rescue requirements, can't say to what level they'll be required until we start seeing what missions will come through.

    I am sure Alctw10 would be happy to tell you about this

    Thanks 👍

    So I am one of the Ambulance advisors and my background is also coastguard rescue.

    So in terms of HART/SORT and water rescue..

    HART are not a dedicated rescue service, in the event of water/cliff/mud rescue they would simply embed themselves into rescue teams from Fire, HMCG, Lowland SAR etc.

    HART carry their water rescue PPE and equipment on their response vehicles, in terms of MCUK these would be the PRVs and SRVs.

    There is no requirement to look into water rescue for the Ambulance service/HART in MCUK.

    Water rescue will be looked at in the game for the Fire service and there are plans to hopefully in the future look at Coastguard Rescue and Lifeboats.