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    This has been asked before, it would be great for all alliances.

    It would be great if it could be same system as our own buildings however that would be a headache as with well over 1,000 alliance buildings it would take an age to change them all.

    So maybe add in a universal graphic for all alliance buildings option or have possibility of one graphic for all alliance hospitals, one for all prisons, one for all schools or one for each service.

    Not that it would make much of a difference now with us as if we have alliance buildings shown on the map game lags like mad.

    Could we have additional tools provided for alliances starting courses?

    Some way of setting multiple courses in multiple schools off together.

    Say so we can set of 10 schools to run a course in all classrooms to save having to go through each school individually.

    Not looking for a full scheduling option but just an easier way to start courses.

    This is not really needed in the game, it is just an added cosmetic element that will not effect game play other than add to potential lag/slow running.

    The category system should be used for response time bonuses that's been talked about and that's it.

    After that the patient requirements should be met by sending to correct department and rewarded.

    No need for having calls create a random requirement for blues run to Hospital

    all thats needed is the possiblity to add units and expansion levels it comes with 2 or 3 vehicle slots and 100k to add more slots as well as staff and its not a bad idea in terms on realism

    So basically add the station features (minus cells) to a training centre.

    I'd rather they were left the way they currently are and if you want station features at a training centre then build a station.

    Bit like the SFRS training centre at Clydesmill, that has a station on site that responds to calls.

    However alctw10 wanted some rrv/cfr/fr only calls so they would get some use

    Yes but being realistic the careline activation call has potential to develop.

    Say a person falls at home causing injury and they activate their careline. Help arrives and discover it's a bit more than a fall it could be a broken bone or the fall may have been caused by a medical event.

    Other things to consider here is careline activation handled via ambulance dispatch? I know for years it was sent to local council team and now believe it is sent to a care company. Both these would send out their own staff first and/or called a next of kin, especially if they got a response from the person. If the person failed to respond it would be then phoned through to ambulance as concern for welfare and also care staff sent and/or next of kin called.

    The CFR/RRV/Coresponder all could be used more within the calls we currently have. Adding these 2 calls is pointless really as creates no incentive to have any of these units just now. Why would I want to buy a unit that takes up space and can not resolve 99% of calls? I'd rather send a DCA to any call that way it covers the bases.

    Alliance Ownership level is required to protect the alliances more. It is the easiest option to be fair and like you say has to be transferable.

    This needs to be done urgently now for the integrity of the alliances and mission chief.

    I have a couple questions

    A) Would this be a expansion to small or large stations?

    B) Would there be a limit on how many pods u could have

    C) How long would the expansion be

    D) How expensive would it be

    None of this will have been decided yet.

    However what I'd say is.

    A) Pods avaliable in all stations and the Prime Mover only available at large stations. Each station should have an extention for them.

    B) Small stations would have 2 spaces for pods as part of extention and large would have 6 spaces for pods as part of extention. However if there is garage space a pod can be put there. The prime mover would take up 1 garage space and have 1 pod stored on it.

    C) I'd make it 7 days build time keep it in line with other Expansions.

    D) Costs as this would be a large multi part update there would be varying costs


    Small Station 100k

    Large Station 250k


    Prime Mover 30k + cost of 1 pod.


    These would cost anywhere between 10k and 40k depending on their role.

    The cheapest would be one of the USAR timber/shoring pod most expensive your probably looking at Hazmat.

    One thing that would need to be added in to the game is a system to ensure there is staff on scene with the appropriate training to use the pods.

    This is how I see it working too, but like I say it needs to offer a benefit to using them instead of just repeating current units.

    Maybe a 10% extra pay using pods over standard vehicles

    No needs to be more than oh here is more money for using it.

    Needs to be related to station spaces and managment around that if I'm honest. Pods are sometimes not stored in engine/vehicle bays at stations so wouldn't take up vehicle bays. Some stations build a separate hard standing area for them.

    So any benefit of using needs to be a practical benefit not a monetary benefit.

    The pod system could work but would need some serious thought on it.

    There are a lot of different type of pods out there with them being based at various locations within a service area.

    Some places just store pods and have no prime mover to shift them so need to await collection for a job these are usually the secondary equipment ones as the primary pods once delivered have enough gear to get going and allows the pm to go get other kit.

    I'd love to have the pod system but for me to use it we would really need to se an actual benefit to the game instead of individual specialist units.

    Patient Transfers could be greatly improved as it is a massive side that the ambulance services do in parts of the country.

    I know in Scotland there are many different patient transfers between hospitals all the time, these can be getting a time critical patient from the Western Isles down to Glasgow for specialist treatment or a inner city transfer from the Royal out the the QE. Even transfers for routine treatments can go through this too. Other ones are intensive care transfers due to needing a specific treatment like ECMO. Most of these critical time or critical care patients are directed via SCOTSTAR which is the specialist retrieval team they use 2 planes, have access to all of the helicopters for retrieval jobs and priority for getting a land ambulance.

    I understand this however in the real world companies up and down the world will poach other companies staff although they call it headhunting so really this is no different to companies approaching people on LinkedIn.

    I’d argue that going to the effort of headhunting staff takes more effort.

    Yes but when it becomes targeted on another alliance and trying to make that alliance out as it doesn't care about its members and the only way people can progress in the game is by switching alliances is unacceptable.

    Head hunting on the game is in all honesty a bit desperate really people will generally choose an alliance of their own accord and stick with them especially if that alliance provides them with what they need. Offering staff positions as an incentive is never good as can do more damage than good too.

    This is on the rise again and should really have been sorted out by now by the game limiting what people out with an alliance can see.

    As for claims its something all alliances have done, it isn't.

    Poaching/messaging members of an alliance to transfer to others is not that great a move.

    There are several ways to advertise alliances without the need to spam players inboxes. Keep to those ways let players decide if they want to look into moving.