Giving Purpose to Patrol Routes

  • I have been pondering the current state of the patrol route system in the game after reading this short thread and noticed this idea from TACRfan - which got me thinking:

    - Patrol Routes are based on a point to point system, where the player specifies locations for the selected vehicles to move between.

    - They are currently mostly aesthetic, serve no greater purpose and this has been talked about in several other threads, such as this, this and this.

    What I want to know, is could the points used to plot out a patrol route be used like POIs / buildings in the way TACRfan has talked about? Could they be used not to define an area but to use as a point from which missions can spawn?

    If so, could players select which service/s' calls can spawn from each particular route? So a patrol route could only spawn police calls if the player requested it, or it could spawn tri-service or only fire and ambulance etc?

    And most inportantly, assuming the game code would theoretically allow for all the above, would it be able to be balanced and fair? And would it interfere with or stay out of the way of the anti-cheat engine?

  • Patrol routes are not limited to just police units. Fire and EMS can be assign patrol routes as well.

    Yes but just now setting patrol routes is a massive waste of time as they are utterly pointless.

    This idea is a good one to actually make them a practical feature but seriously doubt that it would be possible.

  • I ended up finding some huge value in patrol routes that may or may not have been intended in-game (US Version).

    I have a Dispatch w/several fire stations covering a few hundred square miles, but only one police station. I did that because I wanted more FIre/EMS Missions than police missions, but still have some small police missions. Several Fire missions require a cop or two and from the one station, it can be 30-45 minutes IRL before the cop(s) arrives. By doing routes, I typically have cops arriving within 5-10 minutes or less.

    That's one angle. There are so many ways to play and I agree there is a lot of prep time to just have units drive around and look pretty. But figured at least there might be one use out there.

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