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    Basically, what I'm looking for is the ability to delete the staging area to keep the map clean, having it stuck on the map for 24 hours. Currently, I haven't been able to get my alliance to see my staging areas. the goal is to share one instead of everyone needing their own to cover my service area. I use the current system of the staging area, just looking to see a more functional system with it.

    I think I fixed the poll options to maybe allow the second vote.

    Is it against the rules to have it in two different places?

    They should be able to click on Staging Area that's under the alliance tab. There it'll list all staging areas built as well as who it belongs to.

    Well, just as predicted, an issue with the “Police Supervisor/Sheriff Unit”!

    As I sit here, ready to delete this game, I am looking at a “Serve Eviction Notice” call on my call queue. Attached to this complaint is not 1, but 3 units that are my Police Supervisor/Sheriff unit, as i knew this would happen because it happens to me on a regular basis! And as per usual, i am getting the message, needs 1 Police Supervisors/Sheriffs.

    I am getting tired of this BS! The personnel tired to the units are all trained commensurate to the Police Supervisors/Sheriffs level, yet I keep getting this message. Why was it necessary to create this unit? Please get rid of or fix it!!!!!

    “Police Supervisor/Sheriff Unit” is not a new unit. It's just the old sheriff unit that was modified to auto transport and name changed. The “Police Supervisor/Sheriff Unit” needs to arrive at the scene after all other law enforcement arrives for the auto transport to work.

    Now if I'm understanding you correctly you have 3 “Police Supervisor/Sheriff Unit” and no patrol cars. I would release the 3 “Police Supervisor/Sheriff Unit” and send a patrol car then resend a “Police Supervisor/Sheriff Unit” and time it so it lands after the patrol car. The mission should clear.

    So, I dont get any kind of calls w/ my air station and Its active? Can anyone explain.

    It takes time for new missions to get worked into the rotation. Most of the time it's fairly quick to happen especially small missions. Larger mission as well as specialty missions can sometimes take a few months to start popping up.

    Make sure you have all the training required for the units you have in it. When I first opened mine, it never generated missions. Then I slowly started getting them, but not more than one or two a day and even in turbo mode not many are generated. I also find (which I have reported numerous time to the technical support folks) that the missions generated are rarely in the water and in most cases any Coastal Rescue Mission is generated inland, no where near any water or water way and often in the middle of a city or forest land.

    The game can not distinguish between land and water nor can it distinguish between forest and city centers. It most likely it would take the dev to draw their own game map instead of using a third party map ( I don't see this ever happening as it would take separate team and thousands if not tens of thousands of man hours to accomplish). Not to mention cost of such a project. Now I'm no coder so I could be wrong. But I highly doubt I too far off.;)

    Hot take but would it be cool if they had the feature (could turn it on or off) to have the responsibility to be a 911 operator. I know it would be dead near impossible considering how much work it would take and i know there are already games that do that but it would be so cool to include that in MissionChief.

    Sorry a really big hot take just a thought today. :D;(:D;(

    That's exactly what this game does.

    The fire academy has the EMS Mobile Command as well as the EMS academy. Also the EMS Command Vehicle is optional. It's the trained personal that is required to complete the missions, I have all my battalion chiefs trained as EMS Mobile Command since any mission requiring EMS Mobile Command will have at least 2 battalion chief units on scene.

    you guys have so many coins, how? I am planning on not spending a dime. Is it to hard or even worth it?

    You can play without spending money. It's just slower and you need to be smart how you spend your credits. At your level most of your income will come from fire missions. Build up fire until you have around twenty stations before adding anymore police or medical. Feel free to contact me in game if you have more questions.

    EAST COAST EMERGINCY SERVICES looking to recruit both New players to the game as well as veteran players.

    It doesn't matter if you are new, and just trying out the game, or a seasoned player with lots of fire stations. Here at ECES, we want to grow with you! With stations along the east coat, we are prepared to help you become the best! We strive to make the gaming experience of all our members, fun, structured and social.

    The founding member of ECES, is very active and will be here for any and all help needed. We strive to have an active alliance with great communication.

    Our mission is to provide a safe, fun environment for all players. We want to grow and provide members with hospitals, prisons and school classrooms.

    The alliance is moving up the ranks daily.

    Come join East Coast Emergency Services today! EAST COAST EMERGENCY SERVICES

    I would like to see the addition of police wagons to transport more than 1 prisioner also maybe give motorcycles a actual use in a non transport role not so much making missions require them but allowing them to count towards making a mission go faster or maybe missions like radar enforcement etc that require them.

    Unless there's been a change in the last year or so the police Motorcycle will count towards the patrol car requirement as long as there is no prisoners to transport. I use to send them to community missions freeing up patrol cars for regular missions when I first started playing. With only 1 personal the speed increase is minimal.

    Most players once they get to above a certain level only complete the task that happen to get completed in the course of playing the game. I personally don't even look at what they are.

    Do you know if hes lying about the whole NY thing. Im currently playing out of MA right now

    My guess is he meant 22 million not billion. and as far as NYC is; yes I believe he is correct. Stations in NYC tend to be closer to each other especially in Manhattan due to population density. I have Manhattan and Queens covered and get more missions spawning there than the two counties I have in SC.

    I joined the top alliance for less then a month and I'm holding little over 22 billion, NYC is where the $$ is, build where you want then building about 10 stations in NYC and send 1 unit to each high end call, most the payouts are 35K-47K each

    No way you've earned 22 billion in less than a month. The highest player only has just north of 9 billion.

    The mission requires 5 fire stations and zero ambulance stations. This call still has patients, and I can't complete it because I have no ambulances.

    Place your forestry extension out of service. This will prevent the missions from spawning.

    Also I'm going to give you the same advice I give all new players. Concentrate solely on fire stations and wait on police and medical until you have 20 fire stations. The reason for this is, because fire missions pay out the most in the begining stages of the game. You should then have the income to venture into police and EMS. Build a clinic or hospital before adding ambulances so you have somewhere to transport patients. Stay away from extensions until then. Police, Medical as well as most extensions has hidden cost when you first start building them (Jail Cells, Hospitals plus the units needed the missions you'll start getting.

    do the extensions on your fire stations for EMS and get some ambulances

    Unfortunately without a facility to transport to it wouldn't help him.

    Hey quick question from Boston MA,

    Anyone know if I have one ARFF Crash Tender, If i get a crew carrier and put 12 ARFF trained firefighters inside does it count as AFRR response team. its rlly hard to expain but when it says Needed vehicles: 4 ARFF can i just have 4 ARFF certified people go in a non ARFF Crash tender?

    Please help me out

    The only time you can just use trained personal in place of the actual units is when the mission requirements states x number of personal.