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    Totally off topic but I like the JRH bundle for the simplicity and the filtering. Also the counting of alliance missions I find very handy. And You can exclude ranges of credits. (No I don’t own any stocks. ;-). )

    Didn't you get any stocks for the promotion you did 😛

    It’s not a bug, but it is annoying. It’s because of the way this game spawns calls. There isn’t a way to change the frequency of calls in the game. I’ll speak to the devs and if there is nothing we can do we may just have to pull the missions. Panic buttons don’t seem to work in these games (using US as an example)

    It's really simple to solve this problem. The spawn frequency is not the problem.

    The problem is that 10 missions could expand to this mission, so you could remove this mission from 5 or more missions and then you'll get less of these mission.

    These 10 missions has this mission as expanded mission possibility:


    I bought the new expansion but I’ve just realised I purchased it at the wrong station. If I cancel will it refund or will I loose the credits?


    If it's still building the extension, you will get the credits back

    All missions that were changed and the new missions that needed the new vehicles are changed today and now there is no single missions that requires the new vehicles.

    Is this because the vehicles were required when all extensions were disabled?

    Could someone please give an update what we could expect from it?

    I had a lot mission that needed the vehicles. The extension has never been on.

    I still get missions where it is needed while i don't have the extension on.

    The way how traffic cars are working is nice, but not the solutions of all other cars. Then you could say I only buy Fire engines and don't need to look to all other vehicles because they are not needed until I buy one of them.

    Also the traffic car is needed at some missions without having it.

    I like the idea of unlocking new missions when you buy a vehicle. But also the current unlocking more missions by building more buildings.


    Since the update this afternoon we don't get any patiënts anymore on the large aircraft missions.

    Is this a bug or do we need to enable something from the update to get our patients back?

    We got already multiple aircrafts without patients.


    Wrong server and yes TACRfan Can you get the devs to add the police aviation building to both kinds of this mission, I play on the UK game btw or make police aviation avaible at captain rank

    This is already changed earlier this afternoon.

    So, it will not happen anymore.