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    If you do not have the extension activated (or the traffic personnel), the missions do not spawn.

    I have never spawned a flood equipment mission as I do not have any flood equipment built at all.

    In fact, I only purchased my first traffic services unit on Saturday, but I have never had a traffic services requirement either. (I only have 1 station with traffic services, so it would be few and far between of the requirement spawning).

    Theres a bug somewhere im getting these missions spawning without valid requirements with them, can you


    Concept proposal to make Mass Casualty incidents easier to manage/more realistic.

    The idea is simple. When an Ambulance Officer automatically sends an Ambulances to a hospital with a patient, if there are outstanding patients on that mission, Then the Ambulance Officer "recalls" that Ambulance back to the mission after it has successfully transported the patient. Either to treat another patient or transport another Patient. Reducing the need to dispatch large numbers of ambulances to a call or to manually re-dispatch more ambulances down the line.

    I would propose adding this as an option alongside the other Ambulance officer settings. Something like "Recall ambulances when there are outstanding patients"

    This would mean you could clear Mass Cassualty events with fewer resources. Making unit management and clearing of a large numbers of calls a little easier, as you dont need quite as many Ambulances on each mass cass mission.

    I normally do these manually - would like to see this implemented.

    Why was the VMR updated as well? The SES makes sense, but I think the two should be different colours so you can tell them apart. Would making VMR green again be considered?

    Green VMR would be great.

    The colour was an ask put forward to align with the actual colours for State Emergency Services.

    I am unsure what the icon is to be honest.

    I assume its to aline with other versions, we have the same icon on our SAR Bases, really bugs me tbh

    Its because they copied and pasted the RPU form UK. The "traffic control" one should do it. EMS-Chief something to flag to devs

    I do agree that the vehicle requirements are a bit excessive. But I do want bigger and higher paying missions. Requirements for a larger amounts of units mean the credit payout is higher. I would rather send 75 trucks and get 50,00 than send 10 and get 2,000 or 3,000.

    Honestly both the US and AU pay is poor and so is this mission considering the requirements actually pays poorly. As I showed in my previous post. The requirements should be lowered without affecting the pay.

    Its more the "specialised" units for 50 fire stations. 20 Platform Trucks, 20 Heavy Rescues? That is crazy and unrealistic, considering the requirments I think its on the lower-paying end.

    On the uk verison we have this call POLICE.MISSIONCHIEF.CO.UK - Create your own Emergency-Dispatch-Center and manage your city! which pays around 40 thousand and requires 64 Units (less then the required amount of fire engines) - 625 Credits Per Unit on Average

    Where as your call requires 183 units (if you included the personnel) which is only 273.2 credits per unit? The Pay is poor considering the requirements so I believe its a poorly implemented mission as it isnt realistic interms of requirement nor very lucrative.

    Also 3 Units per Station isnt exactly accurate neither, needs to be increased to 75 fire stations and 20 Police Stations.

    Any C1 Job that has not got a specified critical care chance is assumed to be at 100% which seems like a bug. Tagging Alctw10 as somthing to flag to devs. I also checked in the .json file which includes hidden requirements and no critical care score is listed. Its a generic issue happening on all calls form major to single paitent jobs

    Type 1 and Type 2 Engines are fire engines, just one seats 6 and the other 3.

    Both vehicles fulfill the requirement for "Fire engine" in a mission.

    Hey! I think you misunderstood - they are asking why the vehicles are called "engines" and the mission requirement is called "trucks"

    Yes but 10 seconds and 20 seconds on the closest trucks, although trucks further away are also on same delay and also a lot further distance-wise from the job?

    That is likely correct but the game also has its quirks like distance/time is calculated in a straight line form missions - stations (not following the roads)

    This is to the brains trust, is it possible to set up an ARR based on truck type eg, which Turns out a Type 2 or Type 3 if they are at a Rural station, At the moment I have local stations being overlooked for structure calls, as it selects type 1's first due to water column or pump volume I imagine and they come few miles/Kms away and the local trucks stay in station asleep?


    Do you have a response delay? If you do it factors that in when choosing a unit that is closest by time not distance

    I think this must be a bug, There is no rural fire extension within the dispatch centre of this area, the nearest Rural Fire extension is 16,000 km away. How can the game generate this without me buying the extension? Is it broken or is this a deliberate push to spend coins to expand or to spend coins to buyout the mission?

    This happens because of it being tagged as both “wildfire mission” and “fire fighting mission” so it spawns around both - Other Widlfire Missions dont have the firefighting tag so they spawn onlt around wildfire bases EMS-Chief might be somthing to forward to the devs about this call

    I know I could have more recesources and I know where they are needed but thats no fun in my mind, I prefer to struggle for major calls

    Helicopters will be sent to hospitals automatically if you have an EMS Chief or EMS Mobile Command on scene. Having another officer that will cost more to train seems a duplication IMHO.

    UK GAME - HEMS Works Different here. The Ambulance Officer almost always seems to prefer to dispatch ambulances instead of HEMS as they need a ambulance to treat people (which is one of the stupidest ways they could have implemented it)