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    Maybe for a PTV let players choose between 1-4 prisoners that the individual unit can hold, so if you want 1 to hold 4 to replicate the bigger vans that hold more prisoners, what's other people's thoughts on this?

    The button "cancel all ambulances" does not send all the ambulance units home. I can understand that OTL's are not sent away because they're needed to complete the mission.
    But I believe the RRV and Ambulance Helicopter should be sent home when using this button Since they're only there to treat patients and are not part of the mission requirements.

    The HEMS system needs a re do as for rrvs the game reconises HART Units, OTLs, CFRs, GPs, JRUs and Co responder as rrvs thats why they dont stand down, HART units being caught up in this has been asked to be changed so if they did get stood down so will all these units.

    We already have a public order update planned. Thank you for your suggestions though, we'll take them on board and see what fit with our aims.

    Thank you appiriate you telling us.

    I like most of these ideas and I forgot abour food 😅 yes a mobile command office/post would be cool and thank you for your constructive criticism

    A public order update containing 5 new Vechiles 2 educations maybe a building or expansion

    - Prisoner Transport Van - Can Transport 1 Person And Acts as a IRV

    - Public Order Vehicle/Riot Van Acts as a Riot Unit, IRV and PTV, and needs public order training

    - Horse Box, A Sort of Lorry containing horses I would say up to 10 horses needs mounted police training

    - Horse Trailer Needs a towing vehicle (IRV) can have 4 horses, needs mounted police training.

    Ideas: Missions could need X horses, never more then 10

    Buildings: A Riot Police Station or a expansion to a large police sation

    Could work the same way the traffic car works.

    It hasn’t been decided on but we do want to make hazmat a little more in depth as it’s currently not realistic, environmental protection will be the main type but obviously you have other vehicle types as well

    Would different calls need different types like the dim iru and EPU or will they all work as a hazmat. Cause I can see this breaking some people's realistic setups as some counties don't have every type of hazmat unit.

    My Large Fire Boat or Rescue Boats have not moved in over 6 months. I have 3 of each. I have a Boat load of POI's but still nothing. I thought maybe it was just a winter thing in Minnesota you know boats don't run thru the Ice on the lakes.

    so is it not worth getting? and should i get the expansion?

    LOoking at old threads and the mission list there seems to be missions need a water rescue station, do this missions spawn or is it very broken still? Is it worth getting?

    would it be possible to train fire fighters in critical care or hart as some fire services operate these specialist units

    Right 1st things first this is a thread about the OSU not training, make your own thread and don't hi-jack other threads second hart is its own division under NARU unrelated to the fire service. the critical care training is effectivly a on call doctor training.

    The heatherland fires have not spawned for a couple months for me I am starting to think the mission is bugged (yes I have mutiple of the POIS)

    The University Hall fires arent spawning either I am sure I have the required stations as I have: 31 fire stations 34 ambulance 27 police stations 12 hospitals 2 Hems 1 NPas and a hart base so I think I beat the requirements.

    First and foremost - I have attempted to find a thread containing this or other vehicle suggestions to no avail. Please point me in the direction of one if it is still active.

    Secondly, and the reason for this post: I have found with Dorset and Wiltshire FRS that they tend to use "Operational Support Units (OSU's)" as a kind of combination BASU & Hazmat unit. I was wondering if there was a place for such a vehicle in MCUK? Please let me know your thoughts on this.

    YES YES YES WE NEED THIS IN THE GAME!! Several other fire services have this, including lfb