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    Welcome to Emergency Services Thin Line (ESTL) Alliance

    We are a new alliance EST April 2023 and we welcome all UK based members.

    We are a free alliance so this mean no compulsory contributions, free training courses and tax free buildings, so Weather you are new, or you want to find a new home, everyone is welcome.

    we have the following:

    - over 500 prisons cells + member cells who share with us (more to come)

    - over 50 hospital beds + member hospital beds who share with us (more to come)

    - 4 training facilities (1 of each) + member share training facilities (more to come)

    - 500 shared missions that are 10K and over (majority of the missions are completed within 1 hour of them being shared)

    - FREE use of all alliance buildings (here @ ESTL, we would like to discourage members in setting a price (tax) for there prisons cells and hospital beds, but if you would like to set a price, you may find that members may not use your shared services)

    we are very friendly and caring Alliance we want to see members grow.

    We kindly ask you join our discord so any help needed can be assisted with quickly.

    We are also looking for set up staff team here, if you are interested, please message SecurityGuard92

    oh yeah!!! i remember turning that off LOL.

    thx for answering my blonde moment question!!

    one other question, hopefully this one does not turn out to be another blonde moment,

    the st Patrick's day awared, even thought it was 2023, would i still be able to get this award next year??

    anyone having trouble spawning missions for the event??

    i have literally had none today, went onto the possible missions and its not highlighted.

    every DC i have is open apart from PSU and SAR. PSU only contains the large police depot and SAR is self explanatory

    any help is appreciated, cheers guys

    currently this is my set up. i play semi realistic. STNS are in their real locations, but units number and names different.

    i have a total of 3953 units across the below STNS.... and growing.

    currently sorting out my set up where all STNS will have the same units (if yu get what i mean by this)

    i have one large police depot, working on how i want to approch this. what set up do i need etc. i try and keep it all level so each depot has the same units and personal in them.


    Fire Station759
    Ambulance Station129
    Police Station276
    Medical Helicopter Station6
    Police Aviation20
    HART Base16
    Foam Extension12
    Mass Casualty Extension5
    Police & Public Order Extension1


    Fire Officer166
    Rescue Support Unit (RSU)100
    Bulk Foam Pod95
    Traffic Car66
    Armed Traffic Car64
    Welfare Vehicle35
    Ambulance Officer34
    Mass Casualty Equipment34
    Aerial Appliance30
    Police helicopter17
    HazMat Unit10
    CBRN Vehicle9
    Water Carrier8
    ATV Carrier8
    Heavy 4x4 Tanker6
    Ambulance Control Unit5
    Water Ladder5
    Rescue Pump1
    Mounted Unit1

    they are having some internal issues with there servers currently. hence why missionschief goes to a 500 number. also i have noticed that missions are not generating on either normal, storms or timed. i assume that dev are aware. lets be patience please and let them sort it out ASAP. dont want a rushed job and then its not fixed

    me personally, with all what have been written by other players, the features of the "complex buildings" and my personal views (which i won't go into, unless i have 10 hours spare in which i don't) i won't be using them. unless its improved and the devs are listening to the community. its only the community that is keeping the game going, without us, there is no game. So devs, i would like to request that you listen to your community and what they telling you. otherwise, there will be no game. it will just die.

    i am only speaking facts. most people does not like facts thrown in their faces, but it seems like they are not listening at all.

    i love this, but wether the devs will put it in play??

    Those that use disocrd as the peferred method of running there alliance accross MC, is there a way to echo the MC chat into discord?? Whats everyone thoughts on this?? Would this help the alliances accross MC??

    Coastguard Rescue Teams are unsurprisingly trained in multi disciplines of rescue. Rope, Water, Mud are the main ones plus missing persons search, royal fish, pollution monitoring and ordinance recognition as well as other stuff. so if you want a 'Coastguard Station' then they need to be represented as a 'proper' rescue organisation. There are normally ten or eleven members per team and i think it's about 3,500 across the United Kingdom supported by four or five Senior Coastal Operations Officers per area.

    RNLI, is separate and have boats predominantly plus a few (think it's ten or twelve) flood rescue units around the United Kingdom. RNLI staff have casualty care training to a similar level to CG rescue teams but most definitely not to Critical Care Level (Unless trained and authorised from their 'day' job).

    Hope that makes a bit of sense.

    i see where your coming from. maybe extra training courses to add to the list in a rescue training centre??

    Service-RNLI, fire and police
    Purpose-RNLI boats, fire boats, Police boats, Coastguard Van
    Cost-station around 100,000 vehicles between 5,000 - 12,000 each
    How many personel are required30 - 50
    Building expansionN/A
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsfor police boat i would say 10 police cells, but than have an IRV to pick them up at COASTGUARD and patient slots none, cos you send a HEMS Heli to the scene to fly them to the hospital??

    was thinking of using a fire station for this, but i then noticed that there is no coastguard in the list of stations.

    the vehicles that this station may need is boats for fire, police and RNLI. no rescue because you will send either HEMS or HART to the scene. although RNLI personnel could be CC trained?

    fire and police dont really need any training unless missions are created for such use.

    coastguard van could be used for missing person/child on a beach, injured person on the pier, or even a whale washed up on a beach. for this POI can be created with Beach, Pier, and lifeguard tower and coastguard van personnel to be CC trained??

    whats your thoughts on this everyone??