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    You can also transport the ones you can then latter transport the rest. Hospitals free up 1 bed an hour. May take several hours to finish transporting all patients, but at least you won't loose any pay. The mission will disappear after 48 hrs.

    Not on the US version. I've had up to six at one time testing how many we could. If I'm not mistaken the US verion is the only one that doesn't have a limit.

    Yea want I ment was you can send a truck to a station like sending one to a staging area, same crew etc, then when if no further calls in the area, send it back to its station once the proper truck returns to its home stations Eg Rescue engine goes on a call another truck fills the gape until rescue comes back then the cover is not needed.

    Yea I see what you mean. Thats been brought up a few times in the past. Tbh would be easier to place a staging area next to station the unit or units are being sent. Then once it's close enough to the mission it could be dispatched.

    Also if the 8 federal police stations are under different dispatch centers that are set for their own coverage area then they won't count as 8 stations.

    I get missions for bomb tech as well as the large ship missions multiple time a week, only in my NYC dispatch area due to share number of stations in NYC. Especially in Manhattan.

    It would be good to be able to do cover moves to stations. I add an extra bay and move appliances around stations but the problem is they cannot be dispatched when on the move between the stations. It would be great for them to be dispatch able on route between stations like in real life

    When transferring the crew does not transfer with the vehicle. Therefore it can't be dispatch until a new crew has been assigned to it and it has reached it's new station so the newly assigned crew to be able man it.

    Simply put, there are no missions that require it currently. What kind of missions do you see as spawning only at a college? I can't think of many that are unique to a college that don't occur outside of there as well.

    As far as having two different sized POIs, that likely wouldn't happen as the missions associated with a small college would be the same as a large college. Currently the only time where POIs have sizes (runways and chemical storage tanks) is where it vastly changes the type of missions that occur and thus the response you send.

    College is a type of school. Their using school to basically cover all the different types of schools.

    Storage cupboard is most likely a metal cabinet designed to store anything flammable ( gas cans, paint cans, paint thinners ect..). Usually made with double skinned painted yellow with warning signs on it.

    I'm basing this from the word "cupboard" in the name.

    As one who started this game way before small stations came into play… I’d be a bit upset if small stations didn’t do a cost increase like large stations.

    I opted to never go to small stations as it would have forced me to make major shifts in how my system was set up, and the prospect of resetting over 200 stations at the time was ludicrous to me.

    If they do it for small stations then it would need to be done for large stations.

    The small stations don't really effect your set up since they can be upgraded to a full station. They're just away to spread the cost of a full station over a period of time. Half up front and the second half at the upgrade.

    I find it odd that patrol boats is under police tab, it should be under water I feel, or have a police water tab and a fire water tab, also odd patrol boats can be dispatched to non water related calls same honestly with SWR boats not including heavy rescue with boat, that doesn’t make since, as for the patrol boats, I have a couple as our sheriffs department has one on a trailer, is there anyway to work around that, I just find it odd a patrol boat not on a trailer or near water can be dispatched, simple fix of adding the option of police boat with trailer giving the option of any police vehicle to tow it then. Thoughts on it?

    Since the education requirement for patrol boat is Ocean Navigation leads me to believe that the original intent was the patrol boats were more inline with a harbor patrol unit. Used for patrolling harbors or coastal waters as well as the great lakes.

    The cost of the stations are proportional to the number of stations you have. The more you build the higher the price goes.

    I'm sure this has been brought up numerous times before, but I wish there was a paid option to reduce station costs. I know I would put up money to not have to spend 800,000 credits on a small station...

    Take advantage of the half of with coins to build new stations.

    I keep loosing transport credits as warden trucks are unable to transport. They should be updated to allow this as sometimes they will be sent in place of patrol vehicles to other calls other then the ones they are required for.

    Please respond to the poll.

    There is no reason for you to lose transport pay as all you have to do is send a patrol car or a sheriff to transport the prisoners.

    I have two plane stations with all required equipment and 2 lifeguard stations with all required vehicles and between all 4 of them have 73 people trained to all the levels available and I still spawn no missions

    The more lifeguard stations you have the greater the chance of getting those type of missions. Rember they have to compete with fire, police, and EMS which will have a higher chance of generating those type of missions due to the greater number of those type of buildings. Basically the game generates x number of missions based on the type of buildings you have the most of plus 1. Priority of the types of missions you get is base on the ratio each type has in relation to each other. At least that my understanding of it.

    Hopefully this makes sense to you.

    Hello all!

    I've been working my way through the map placing PoI's down. I got thinking: What is a City Centre?

    My first thought was City/Town Halls but then someone said they think of the downtown area or main streets. Another was thinking of a goods station. Not 100% what this PoI is supposed to be but if someone could clarify, that would be awesome!

    It's the central part or main business and commercial area of a city. At least that's the dictionary definition.

    FYI: Most POI's are already on the map minus the ones not native to your location.