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    This is part of SAR Part 1 but added incorrectly by the DEVs, please do not train staff in this until the content pack is released as the training should then be moved.

    Thanks is there any news on the new content.

    Hi the fire brigade training has had lifeboat operations. Come up first time I have seen it. Does any one know what it’s for or if it’s going to be part of the new update when it arrives.


    I get the frustration, but we want this to be right, not a copy paste. Lots of things to be considered, lots of time spent making sure things are named correctly, used correctly, getting things working as players would want to see them. Hint hint, helicopters. Obviously until I have played it I can’t 100% say this is how it’s going to be on release, but it’s looking good!

    No that’s brilliant and I fully get that and am really looking forward to seeing it. Just wanted to show my frustration but in the right way compared to last year.

    But very much appreciate the update. 👍

    Thanks tacrfan that’s great to hear it does sound positive.

    Definitely a right step in the right direction.

    I’m so pleased it came across the right way as love the game but wanted to show my frustration in the right way.


    I have had a meeting with the devs regarding the content last night. This was a first for the game and I can proudly say that the UK game is the first game out of the 24 versions that has had an actual sit down meeting in a zoom call with the devs to run through new content. This is a massive step in the right direction.

    In this meeting I have seen a preview of the first part of this SAR update, and trust me when I say it’s looking good. Still work to be done but it should be in the near future.

    The meeting was really positive allowing us to make it clear the desires of the community, and advisors and we really hope that this shows in the final release. It’s taking it’s time because we want it to be right.

    Hi is there any news SAR.

    Last year we had several new content packs this year we only had one.

    For me this is what makes the game interesting. The devs bring out themed content out but don’t seem to be bringing out new content out like last year.

    I’m not having a go more of a question and show what I’m interested in seeing to make game interesting.

    I haven’t had any time to do anything game related this week. I have reported that they aren’t spawning and the missions are working on their end.

    Simplify and briefly summarise the above messages just so I can go back to them please

    Hi tacrfan

    I have a extensive setup got all the requirements but not getting the prison calls I have completed hundreds of calls.

    They just keep saying there is nothing wrong and it is just random.

    But I don’t have this problem with any other calls which have been produced.



    I guess will just have to wait and hope it is fixed soon.