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    Once again one has only done the very basic of searches but if one was to actually go into the pages given the full picture becomes clear . There is a grand total of 2 locations within South Australia, 2 in the NT and so on. Trust me we had this very in depth discussion with all this evidence with the developers when they wanted to plagiarise the US lifeguard content. We cannot draw boundaries around these areas, so the compromise was the MSAR instead.

    And on a side note frankly im getting a little sick of the nitpicking and half truths to suit a particular narrative. Its no wonder you guys burn through your Content Advisors, then when they quit you complain because you get no content. We spend a lot of time and effort to bring you good quality and accurate content with a quantity of missions that goes with it. We have taken on board your suggestions, we finally got the SES fixed somewhat, you got an specialist training academy instead of the courses being buried and taking up space in fire academies, an individual SES vehicle tab again unburying SES from within fire resources and we've given you a soft release to allow you to train and populate personnel in preparation for the release more complex and in depth missions ( all of which have been suggested in the past) but we never get any feedback on what we're doing right.

    Older more seasoned players will also attest to this, there's been requests for as long as I've been a player for the SES content to be fixed. It literally has taken this long and I started playing in December 2019. If its meant to happen ( and its able to be done in a way that works for the whole country) it will happen. We just need to be patient.

    Not once have I stated this is exclusively for NSW. I am using NSW information to describe it. I have confirmed through members of fire services that Pumpers do carry Hazmat gear in numerous states yet the argument still remains only NSW does it. This argument that only NSW has it or only a few states have it stupid. No where does it say you must build what is been given. If we are sitting here and playing it like this then why was Wildland added in the US. Not every dept and state does it so why add it. Or why is Ambulance Rescue in the game. If you don't want to add just say it, not given a stupid excuse.

    To clarify, its only called wildland on the back end ( and ive attempted to get it fixed a couple of times but it doesn't affect the content as intended which is bushfire) they just used the same "confluence" when coding rather than reinvent the wheel. Similar was done with the VMR so we could get the content out quicker. ( There was a hold up with me trying to get hold of the right people to make sure we were as realistic as possible, but once i had a good grasp it was able to come to fruition very quickly)

    As for Ambulance Rescue i believe ( and i may be wrong) was that it was part of the first content and is similar across all platforms due to not having content advisors when the game was released.

    Please dont mistake me, you quite clearly stated NSW so i responded in that way specifically, but had you said say Broome in WA my answer would have been based on that area. We dont set out to "poo poo" everyone's ideas ( we get some great ideas), but some things do only apply to specific areas ( for example here in SA we do have an ambulance rescue of sorts its called the Special Operations Team or SOT for short, and our "paramedic superivisors" are incident controllers here but "we" are the odd ones out in this scenario - I just name mine accordingly, it doesnt affect my gameplay.

    Other things might require a whole rewrite on the back end or are just "no go zones" set by the developers ie death.

    and just so you know theres been a bit of a change in how missions ask for vehicles. ( you can see a detailed description here Subject Ejected from MVA)

    Once you have made the leap to get a specialised vehicle there's whats called an overlay that kicks in that requires you to use it. So saying its optional is great and it still can be ( by not getting it in any way shape or form) but once you do, you need to be all in.

    Those vehicles in SA are essentially support vehicles which we already have and are only in very remote areas like Roxby Downs and Coober Pedy!…e=SACFS&Station_Code=COOB

    Except it isn't. It is not what I have suggested at all. I have suggested a entirely new vehicle to do its own job. changing a unit name that is doing a completely different job is not what I have suggested at all. I have suggested this for AU and in AU IRL Logistical vehicles have their own purpose which I have stated above.

    What you need to understand is its impossible to put indeterminate vehicles into the game. We constantly have people suggesting vehicles that only apply to NSW and seeing this is an Australian based platform not purely a NSW based one, we wont see these types of vehicles. That's why there is no police rescue and the likes. Even with the latest content you will note we had to find a nondescript name because every state calls theirs something different, i had to interview people in different states to get an idea of how their organisations worked ( again because they're all different) and try to combine it into something somewhat realistic for all states. That's also why there wont be lifeguard component as such because some states dont have them at all and some programs are run by the local council and so on.

    So whilst i understand your quest for realism, expecting vehicles to be added purely for NSW's sake just isnt able to happen. We can't draw a big red line around the state and say these vehicles are only available here and nowhere else. So the suggestion above is a valid one to enable you to achieve what you want to, if you chose to.

    I too am not sure about the IOS thing as im a android girl. But to answer your other question you have a number of choices. You can let them time out after 48 hours, you can share them in your alliance and ask for help completing them or you can use your one free " watch a video to complete the mission" button in the phone app to close one per day.

    Dependent on which vehicle you send they will cover all or at least most of your water requirement. It might pay to familiarise yourself with the types of vehicle available to you and how much water they carry. For example a water tanker needs 3 personnel but carries 3,000 gallons of water, but a pumper tanker ( which would cover both requirements in this instance) needs 6 personnel but only carries 2,500 gallons. HOWEVER if you have the airport extensions and the ARFF training & crash tender vehicles they need only 2 personnel and carry 4,500 gallons and will cover both requirements. So its up to you what combinations you send to meet your requirements

    I don't believe I did.

    Edit: I did suggest it on the Australian Forum but I wrote "flying" instead of "fleeing" lol I put it with no poi and the devs added the gas station poi on their own accord lol could the poi be changed?

    Has nothing to do with the POI thats besides the point the issue was the heli which you wrote lol

    Ok upon further inspection I think i know whats happened. The developers have been adding what they call "missions with overlays" to our newer missions regardless of who has coded what. So for newer players with "basic" stations they get the typical vehicle type requirements. However, more advanced players with things like the senior sergeant expansion, SES and police helicopters that triggers the advanced requirements and these are then added to that mission . Basically they think if you have them they should be getting utilised. ( Dont worry i had to have this explained to me the first couple of times too)

    I will reach out to who i think coded the mission to confirm and if this is the case what can be done about it but this is the new "normal", I'm not sure if you've noticed until now. You also get compensated a whole lot more for having specialised vehicles now, so requesting a change ( if it can be changed) will likely result in a whole rework of the mission payout structure for that mission also.

    Firstly let me preface this by saying that upon checking the coding spreadsheet that i didnt code this mission, (i code using a tool which puts out code in specific manner and the coding in this case does not match that) due to having had 2 major surgeries in the last couple of months and not being able to concentrate enough to code at the time. ( I have since coded two new different missions for upcoming weeks). The mission idea ( taken directly from the mission suggestion thread) was also written by a player who doesn't play on this platform so between me and whomever coded it this wasn't picked up.

    However in my experience if someone has been ejected, they can and have ended up in all sorts of weird and wonderful places sometimes significantly far from the vehicle so aircraft with heat sensors and other technical equipment attached to such aircraft as a Police helicopter would be useful if a primary and even secondary search has failed to locate them.

    Having said that if more people feel strongly that its out of place i can put in an application to have it changed, Just be aware there is a process to follow and the change will take time to implement.

    Speaking as a player on this platform, this wont help as you're still not going to have the personnel to put in the vehicles to make them viable. Whenever I build in a new location it always takes a good while to build up personnel ( at the max of one automatically hired per day as per my premium account allowance) if you're doing it manually every three days unless you set an alarm or reminder there's a bit of time when you're not hiring at all even. Being there is no " End Game" so to speak it doesn't matter how long you take to get there and if you can ride out the hard slog in the beginning it does get easier as time goes on. If you haven't already i suggest you join an alliance and get on alliance shared missions to build up your credits whilst waiting for some personnel.

    Yes well Chief Boden has lost sight of the fact that a lot of us have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears ( sometimes even literally) into making the game what it is, so his constant nitpicking is a real kick in the proverbial guts to some of us. We're not just mods, a lot of us also write the content that goes into the missions and we're not appointed for our looks or our ability to be "nice" but the real life emergency service AND game experience we possess.

    So you can imagine how it feels when a new kid on the block comes along and starts picking. It becomes a sore and that is very hard to heal. Then add to that the constant accusations that his 'issues' go unaddressed because he doesn't get an answer straight away, but cant provide proof that they're even occurring and there's literally no other reports from other players to use as collaboration, we put it forward anyway knowing full well it wont be prioritised, and we cop the backlash anyway. We're damned if we do and damned if we dont.

    I dont think people realise what goes on the behind the scenes. Its not just a title, there's a lot of work and in depth discussions involved and there are definitely no perks, nor do we tolerate title seekers who don't pull their weight. We're literally the piggies in the middle of a tug of war between the players and the developers. We are also a very tight knit team who's skills compliment each other, we will always have each others backs and if you think what i wrote is harsh you have no idea how many times i have chosen not to say anything at all or taken a lot of time to "edit" ( the post above was literally 12 or so hours). But everyone has their limit and my sore is oozing significantly so i literally invited them to do it better - put their money where their mouth is so to speak, nothing more nothing less.

    As a side note there are platforms that literally get no attention from the developers for a number of reasons, no matter how hard we try to help them so you guys have a lot to be thankful for so please try to remember that before nitpicking first world issues that we can do nothing about.

    Just remember the written word is devoid of emotion and so is very open to interpretation.

    There are a few units here and there that appear to have no real value or use in the game. This is NOT a complaint, rather a request for information.

    1. Police Motor Unit or Motorcycle? It does not seem to count as a patrol unit because it only has "1" person (obviously), but a patrol unit will count with only "1" person on it (I have tried it). Also it can't transport (obviously). They require special training to us, yet they never show up as a "required" unit. So what is the value?
    2. Wildland Dozers and Firefighting Planes or Helicopters. They require special training to use them. They have a significant cost. But, yet they never show up on a mission as "required". What is their value?
    3. Game Wardens. Other than "children's excursions" they seem to have no real value but again they require special training to have. Any other mission that the one listed, they have to have a police unit dispatched to sent to transport prisoners. (Most fish and game agencies can and do transport prisoners). So what is the value of the Game Warden Extension?

    Thanks in advance for the information.

    Im getting to the point where i think if you think you can do a better job why don't you purchase a server and a domain, write the code for a game with the level of realism you want ( and make it work) and then employ a whole team of support staff to answer people the minute they send a support ticket because no matter what you know better than all the content advisors and experienced players and have unrealistic expectations. A lot of these posts are completely uncalled for and just posting for the sake of posting.