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    As a C/A for another platform i will just put my 2 cents in. Its really hard sometimes to come up with ideas every week ( and if we dont the devs do it for us) and not every mission can be some epic resources sucker either. Its not an easy job, most of us wear other hats too and have jobs and lives outside the game to boot.

    I know you have heard it all before but believe it or not there's at least one platform that doesn't get any love in any capacity at all and wont be until the membership bases increases significantly.

    You know what, I've just about had enough of your constant criticism and complaining, We spend more time trying to work out what your deal is than what we're supposed to be doing. Do you have any clue how submitting mission ideas to the developers even works? We submit ideas to the developers and whilst they may like the idea they might completely change the vehicle requirements to what was originally submitted. Its no wonder content advisors get burnt out because they generally wear many hats and they're the ones who bear the brunt from both sides. We also can't have a million and one single vehicle missions. Not only that but the " protocols" differ from state to state. I experience it all the time on my platform. We get suggestions for vehicles to be added that only apply to one state and another has a very different policing system to all the others. Sometimes its about taking a little creative license to get as close as possible to being realistic whilst being as close to satisfying what each state requires.

    When we give you an instruction its because we're trying to keep things streamlined and on the same subject. We don't need 10 threads about this. You're attitude is really becoming a problem and you may just find your outlet is restricted if this attitude continues. We're not here to pick on you but when you insist on drawing the spotlight onto yourself you give us no choice. At some point there will be a tipping point where we will become blunt and you're getting very close to that point.

    You can move stations to different locations within the country platform you're currently playing on ( for coins unless you built them less than 24 hours ago) however you cannot change countries or platforms.

    I know I will get the speech about many versions of the game and they are busy and they are trying, but I have reported this multiple times to support and nothing has changed....only gets worse. But thanks for the suggestion

    Kk so here it is, i have let the developers know (again) that you're making waves about being ignored etc. They also have an account in here so do see what we're referring to. However, if they can't find or replicate the "bug" or only one person is reporting such an issue it makes it a rather low priority. I know you dont want to hear it but they are a small team being constantly hounded by a somewhat bigger team of content advisors all vying for something to be fixed or added on their relevant platforms.

    Unfortunately with the game if you cancel your fire or police units even when the mission has completed but it still has patients left before the mission is 100% complete all units that you have canceled will be required to be sent back to the mission see the pics below I canceled 1 sheriff unit from a completed mission that just had patients left

    Not exactly correct, as long as the progress bar is white you can cancel all bar one vehicle otherwise you dont get the mission credits only the transports( i generally leave a basu or support) and it will complete once the transports are done. Yes it asks for them but its not actually needed as long as the progress is complete.

    I generally send my ambulances ahead of my apparatus so I can then share the mission ( once all ambos are at least on scene if not transporting), thus not holding up people's apparatus waiting for the slow coaches to complete the mission by transports. It also helps to determine if the mission will "upgrade" and allow you to send the right resources the first time and not need a second dispatch.

    The answer is yes, provided they are a vehicle required by the mission it will reduce the time it takes to complete. This is why i always laugh when people say to cancel your units A) there's no such thing as over resourcing a mission and B) you're potentially delaying its completion and holding up peoples resources for longer than necessary.

    The problem with this is we cant differentiate between states, we often get calls like this and also police rescue which is a nsw police force only thing so it makes it very hard to implement. What makes it ultra realistic for you may make it unrealistic for players in other states.

    First and foremost as i tried to explain to you before you so rudely blocked me, We are trying to get incomplete content fixed first - Namely the SES and Riot police content that is our priority and nothing else at this point in time. The developers want to plagiarize content from other platforms instead and we have spent all week explaining and proving why that wont work. The incomplete content is our sole focus at this point plus the Quality of life content in conjunction with CA's from other platforms. Let us get that out before demanding other content ( i can assure you the work has been done behind the scenes, but we are waiting on the developers and spurious requests made by mere individuals keep derailing this)

    I know its frustrating as you cant see any progress but i can assure you a hell of a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes, i personally made sure my allocated tasks were complete before leaving on my roadtrip almost two weeks ago but then as always we are at the mercy of the developers as to what, when, why or how, and my questions on this have gone unanswered.

    Detectives have already been veto'd as apparently it needs a whole rework of the game coding and police rescue is only applicable to NSW therefore not suitable.

    I put one trained ICP in each of my ambulances then i dont have to worry about which have it and which dont. It was recommended i dont go down the track of air ambulance so i cant answer that bit for you for sure but i would assume the same applies.

    New missions added every Monday

    I’d like to remind players of the UK version that just because the US game has had a lifeguard update, doesn’t mean this is in the works for the UK version or that it’s the next planned expansion. As I have said before, we want our content to be right and not regurgitated from other versions.

    Love this, im surprised theres no requests from au yet lol. It'll happen usually does. Might pinch this wisdom.