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    It is obvious to me when I look at the map in my state that some roads are still missing. I would assume that at some point the map they are using for the game will get updates just as some of the features are updated as they move forward. As with anything, the updates take time and the content advisors work with the developers to get these changes made.

    I also believe there is a "minimum" number of personnel required in each station. So if you are required to have "10" and moving someone drops you below that # you will not be able to move anyone.

    You need to assign graphic first. Once the vehicle has a graphic assign to it then check the box for " Copy image for all vehicles of the same type.". It will then assign that graphic to all vehicles of that type.

    I had trouble using this feature before, so as I created new departments, I went in and looked for graphics when I built the building and selected a graphic from the graphic packs and then it assigned a graphic to each type of vehicle automatically. Sometimes you had to go in and assign a specific unit that was not in the graphic pack. But, each department I built had their own graphics. Sometimes tedious work, but I found it better than using the automatic feature.

    not the same - but is a heli issue - have a transport request for a costal heli - and the screenshot shows what "hospitals" were in range, none of which are hospitals

    If you transport to one of those buildings, I believe it then spawns for a land ambulance to take the patient the rest of the way.

    Can you let me know if it does this or if it disallows transport or just releases the patient.

    MCID is your user ID number for Missionchief. You can find it when you look up your profile in the URL bar.

    I have always been able to tell the Coast Guard Helicopter to transport to a hospital as long as the hospital accepted the patient type (assuming Trauma for the Coastal Missions). Never been able to transport to one of the stations. Is there a way to do that so you can transport by land if you want?

    Not sure if this is in the right place or not, but I could not find the answer anywhere. For Police Missions... some show up requiring a sheriff unit, some do not. I know the Sheriff Units can transport prisoners (edited for content). But can you send them in place of a "Patrol" car on other police missions if they are closer or just simply use them to fill out the required compliment for "patrol cars"?

    turn on the turbo mode long enough to get them. They will generate more frequently then. I managed to finally get them all that way and then just went back to normal mode

    I guess the Devs don't know about the hospital complex known as Baptist Medical here in Jacksonville Fl. :)8)

    As we have been told before, they (developers) have tried to make things realistic as possible and they can not match all our scenarios and set ups exactly. There has to be some middle ground. I know we have asked for extensions that provide more beds in the US Forum

    I think the potential for casualties should be added to roof fires. This would represent potential firefighters getting hurt, or civilians in the structure.

    I may be wrong but I thought there was an expanded or escalating mission off the roof fire that has injuries.

    A hospital allows for extensions and up to 40 patients whereas a clinic can take up to 10 patients however can have space for 2 x vehicles.

    I think Hospitals only have 40 beds... but what I do with the clinics is I station a BLS and ALS ambulance there and use them for the "patient transfers" Clinics do not accept all patients, where as if a hospital has all the extensions it will.

    what is the difference between a clinic and a hospital?

    I get that...and understand.. I guess my point was that it takes longer to fill up the hospital with your example of 100 beds. But you have a valid point. I transport a lot but I dont think I have ever had the need to put 100 in the same area hospital.. Cheers!

    Even with only one, idk what to do

    You may have tried all of this but I am just trying to offer suggestions to help. Make sure all your EMS Chief settings are like this on each EMS Chief. You can also try clearing your browser cache, logging out and then back in. If the hospitals that accept that type of patient are out of range, the EMS Chief will not transport. I had an issue with settings and it did not change until I did that. If you have tried all this already I am sorry for repeating it. I suggest at that point that when it happens, you screen shot the EMS Settings and the incident screen and use the FAQ link to report it to tech support.