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    But, correct me if I'm wrong, you need the forestry expansion for that? I know many departments that are forestry departments that still have the brush truck.

    but it is just part of the game. real life you do not have to be affiliated with "forestry" to have a brush truck. But in the game to purchase forestry equipment you just have to have the extension. And I suspect that if you do not have a "forestry" extension, no wildland or brush incidents will spawn.

    I have two plane stations with all required equipment and 2 lifeguard stations with all required vehicles and between all 4 of them have 73 people trained to all the levels available and I still spawn no missions

    In the game I was trying to use the specilised stations and found out i can only build with coins but the wonderful Scottybbooyy Showed me a image where he could pay with credits but not me? I will attach the links to the 3 stations it isnt working on (the only ones i have that have extensions that use the new feature). Is it a punishment to me or somthing?? | |

    sorry if these links arent allowed but i think it may be benafitial to the devs if/when the investigate it (finally image forrm scotty|)

    Is the station you are trying to work with a "small" station or a regular Fire Station. I found that the small ones have some limitations to the expansions and what you can buy as well as how you pay for it

    Since this thread is about bugs on the Coastal Rescue "stuff".... I have two lifeguard stations and two air stations. Between them I have 4 Aircraft, and all the required items for the lifeguard stations and 73 people spread out among the 4 stations. All are trained to ALL levels possible for the Coastal Missions. To date, I have only received one (1) mission that has spawned. Anyone help me with why that is? It is useless to use the link to go directly to support as you receive an automated message saying we will get to it..

    I am having the same issue with firefighting plane stations. I currently have six (6) and when I attempt to build another it says I can only have "thirteen"? I have reported it but of course I only received the automated reply.

    When a mission comes up and simply says "need 12 swat personnel" (says nothing about the armored vehicle) does that mean that if you have patrol cars closer to the event than the swat armored vehicle that you can send them and meet the requirement?

    Yes. You should be able to click on the units you have in the staging area. Then at the bottom of the list of staged unit, there is an orange button that says, "Delete Staging Area for Selected Vehicles". That releases the units from that staging area.

    thanks.... appreciate the advice

    How can you delete a staging area after you are done with it. I had an event and I am trying to send units home but can't figure out how to drop the staging area

    . When I click on it, it shows every single unit that I have...even if they are not in staging

    does anyone know how many fire stations you need to add more fire fighting aerial units? so for I know from 184 FD stations to 310 FD stations I am only able to have 8 Firefighitng plane stations. and I know it has nothing to do with the forestry extension because I had 6 firefighting air stations before I even bought 1 forestry extension...

    In addition I have 15 million credits and just bought 152 more FD stations with a total of roughly 350 FD stations and I still couldnt pass the 8 plane station mark..

    great question as I currently have six (6) and when I attempt to build another a message come up that I can only build "13" Even between all six I only have 11 Airborne firefighting units...

    The support team tend to be busy they are a bit slow but usually help

    Perhaps....but it has been more than two months since the "bugs" were reported directly to them and they remain unchanged... I get that they are busy, but an update on the progress would be nice.. thanks

    Thanks for telling me how to find that link. I had looked before and simply overlooked it. But.....I highly suspect that nothing sent to support gets read and there is just an auto acknowledgement of the message. I went back and looked and this is the message I received on each concern sent to support.

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    Thank you for your message. We will take care of the problem as soon as possible. Depending on the number of inquiries, this may take some time. We therefore ask for your patience.