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    I have placed the airport POI at all the major airports I cover along with an Airport Fire Station (or two if that is what they have) at those airports. The game is generating terminal fires, plane fires, runway incidents, jet bridge collapses in the middles of the city not even close to the airports. In fact most of the missions are generated by stations not even near the airport poi

    There is a task to build a fire station, police station and hospital. Then there is a task to complete a "large fire Station" and "large police station" immediately. The choices of police station are "police station" and "small police station" and same with fire. there is no "large". How do you complete? Am I missing something?

    My suggestion is that they could add a small blurb of the situation from dispatch for added realism. Example below.

    "Small fire at (Said Address), caller states smoke coming from said building.

    Its only an example, I am not in emergency services so don't really know how it would say.

    totally unnecessary

    Just pointing out that I noticed today that since the rewards for the fall missions are no longer available, the spawning of fall missions continues at what seems to be a higher rate...

    do you have turnt on the alliance funding?

    So you give x% of your income to your alliance?

    That alliance fund is so that hospitals and jails can be built to benefit the entire alliance. So yes you have to turn it on unless for some reason the alliance admin disables it. Everyone in our alliances is set at 10% and I discount their contribution based on the funds they have. Those with lower credits get a bigger discount. Once you reach a certain amount, very minimal discounts. I also will tend to turn the funds off during double points so members can build their base credits. Plenty of funding in the account to build stuff, so turning them off to allow all the double point to stay in their account is like a bonus check.

    I have completed at least 10 fall missions this morning and only 5 of them counted towards the rewards. And yes... I did look at the designation to make sure they were fall missions. Probably too late to make a correction now, so I am just reporting the issue... thanks

    Maybe it is a intended change...maybe now.. But in the past when buying buildings or vehicles such as police or Game warden vehicles, when you went to label them and started typing you would get a pop up of the last 5 numbers used in the sequences as long as name was identical.


    attempting to name a vehicle (I named all my wardens the same way).... Fish & Game 257 as I typed the window showed Fish & Game 253 254 255 256 and so on, so you knew if the number was used. I name all my troopers (patrol cars) FHP with a number. That feature is gone now?