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    I mean that there is a vehicle in real life called a squad in a fire station, but there isn't a squad vehicle in game. I was wondering if there was something people made that could tell me what the in game vehicle would be.

    Under Engines there is a "Rescue Engine" that can be used as a squad and under other vehicles there is a Heavy Rescue Vehicle (Squad)

    What if I don't know what a vehicle would be in game? Is there a chart that tells me what in game vehicle equals a real life vehicle?

    I am not sure what you mean. There are various types of units, fire, ems and police. In the vehicle market it describes the basics of that unit, IE, Patrol Car, Engine, Quint, Tanker/Pumper Etc., so can you expand on what you mean?

    You complain all the time that the game isn't realistic enough. Yet you take issue with missions involving firefighters which does help to make the game more realistic. You don't seem to mind the missions that have police officers getting shot or hurt or Ambulances having accidents. Kind of hypocritical of you.

    For the record I am opposed to anything simulating any injury to ANY first responder and that includes officer down, ambulance accidents etc., and complaints about reality have centered around some of the dispatch compliments and the frequency of generation of certain incidents (30 -40 wildland incidents within seconds) and the fact that boats travel across land to get to water missions where there is no water. I have sent these issues forward to the help folks. Thanks so much for continuing to scrutinize my posts... Have a wonderful day

    Maybe a “follow-up call” as a “FF down” panic button activated type (but on the fire side) or use a roof fire as “chainsaw accident” follow up. (Could also use tree in roadway now that I’m thinking.)

    AS I have said before, we lose over 100 firefighters each year to LODD and injure hundreds of thousands. I am not in favor of any call that makes firefighters getting hurt part of the game. Just my opinion..

    As a follow up to this, is there a way on the “assign crew” page, that the “minimum crew” is shown alongside the actual and max?

    There is not that I know of but some of the vehicles do have a minimum listed in the tab when you purchase them in the market. Not all though.

    I have an idea I want to float out and see what others think. I personally would like to have a " wildland crew carrier unit " that can hold 10 to 15 crew members. Right now, I am using a utility fire unit to transport 12 hotshot members, but this unit is a pain to find, because it doesn't show up in the wildland tab. I think it would make things easier to find and send large amounts of hotshots when required for missions Lets hear what others have to say and think, Thank you.

    Crew Carriers do exist in the "other vehicles" tab and they hold 12 people max.. Not hard to find at all. If you want it to show up in the Wildland Tab go to the LSSM V4 and then open the settings and then extended alarm window and then scroll to the bottom and either assign the Crew Carrier to the Wildland Unit Tab and or make your own Tab for HOTSHOTS as pictured. Then when the available units tab comes up in the mission just click on hot shots

    The mission is generated based on the POI so if you or someone else placed one of those POIs there then the mission generation system will pick that up.

    Aware of that... closest POI are gas station, gas station warehouse, Train Station and Airport Terminal and they are 5 or more miles further inland.. I just posted it because I find it funny to see a boat travelling across the land. Have even had same thing happen where the POI is a Forest. We were told earlier that the game does not know land from water (understandable) so nothing can be done. It is definitely an issue as It seems funny...but not a complaint

    As with aircraft, boats don't have a specific route to follow, so they go direct to scene.

    This also will happen to land vehicles when the routing service goes down.

    Not really much that can be done about it.

    Thanks for that EMS Chief....but the point here was the the mission was a boat rescue mission generated by the coastal rescue station that is probably 10 miles inland and there is NO water

    i dont understand how this would be useful, even in the beginning of a game, especially when you get to the stage where you have over 100 hospitals.. i would want to send ambulances further than they needed to go.

    I think what he is sayin g is that in real life, hospitals go on bypass a lot due to the ER being full...

    Not sure if I've missed the question / answer already but I've had a look and couldn't see it.

    Can the CG Helicopter be used for HEMS incidents? To transport patients that are not CG-related incidents.

    I have not tried to use it as a normal medical chopper, but I know it transports coastal mission patients...

    we have had an issue with a player keep making new accounts and coming back causing problems, we know he has had 3 names, but suspect it is actually 5, the issues have been mainly that he is very disruptive, but has also said some in appropriate stuff to younger people in the game.. i would like to see some more tools for managing this, maybe an ip ban to ban that ip from your alliance and a report player button, where we can press this button and upload linked evidence to the devs, especially if this person is seen to be inappropriate or committing an criminal offence toward minors. it is ok just banning them, but it leaves them free to move to another alliance and carry on with that kind of behaviour! edit , this option would be for admin only, so that the devs wouldn't be inundated with reports!

    Agree. I left an alliance because of a problem with the alliance admin and then I made my own alliance. He tried to get in under at least 3 difference names and was disruptive and caused problems.

    I don't think they will lose any players, but I do think that the missions spawn too many at the same time. I have had more than 30 spawn from on station withing minutes of each other.. That is my only complaint. I have suggested also that if you have one of your regular mobile commands and train it to the forestry command level that it can substitute for the forestry mobile command as well as add the "requirement" for dozers and firefighting planes to the major incidents