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    You can, you just have to have the garage space to hold the unit. If you have 2 extensions on one station you can only have 3 units and cant shift one from another station to that one. You would have to expand your first station again to be able to hold the unit.

    I dont think its entirely stupid to see a tanker respond to a fire like that even when there is water supply. One of the reasons I can think of having one in the real world is if you were to have some sort of hydrant failure, that gives you an extra 3000 gallons of water to be able to fix the problem and then go back to supplied water.

    Why is Aircraft Emergency Landing on Road way not an airport mission but an Aircraft Crash in Urban Area is?

    I think because it is talking about some sort of small plane like a cessna or whatever that had to land on a highway like they do sometimes. Emergency landing is also very different from a crash. Plus, an aircraft crashing in an urban area would probably elicit a response from nearby airport fire stations as most of the time urban areas also have an airport either in them or very close by.

    I will run through all 3 of the stations I have that have the airport extension:

    1. Airport extension, foam extension, fire investigation extension

    2. Airport extension, wildland extension, fire investigation extension

    3. Airport extension, foam extension

    All of them are turned on. Why would it tamper? Other than spawning other missions instead, shouldnt it be split based on how many extensions i have active?

    Also to give you more insight, i have 26 fire stations, 17 ambulance stations (4 of my fire stations count as ambulance), 3 water rescue extensions, 10 police stations, 5 hospitals, 1 MEDEVAC station, 3 police helis, 1 game warden extension, 1 water police extension, 2 federal police stations with 1 of my stations having an extension (so 3), 2 bomb squads extensions, 1 DEA, 1 ATF, 5 forestry extensions, 4 foam extensions, 11 fire marshals offices, 3 airport extensions, 1 wildland MCC, 2 fire boat docks, 1 rescue boat docks, 3 flood control extensions, and 3 disaster management extensions.

    You would think that with all of this I would get more of the airport/wildland/foam missions and less large cannabis grow operations (i got at least 5-10 per day for like a week straight once)

    The interesting thing is, I had 20 stations for the longest time because I was busy building extensions rather than building new stations, and I would get consistent airport missions with only 1 airport expansion, then one of the updates came out (this was over a year and a half ago) and then i stopped getting those missions. Within the past year i bought the other 2 airport extensions and 4 crash tenders, all 4 of them have 0 miles on them and have never gone out because I havent gotten a mission since i bought them nearly a year ago.

    I have 3 airport extensions, all filled, I have the proper POIs (and multiple of them in different areas around the state), and I have not gotten an airport mission in months. I dont know if the spawn rate for those missions is just insanely low but I used to get Large Cargo Plane Fires with Oil Leaks multiple times a day. The missions are all green in the possible missions list but they still dont generate.

    Is this a glitch or am i just an idiot and dont know what im doing

    Side note and edit: is there a way to see the percentage chance a mission will spawn? In comparison to my 3 airport extensions and POIs where I am not getting a single airport mission, I have 1 DEA extension and somehow I get multiple (sometimes 10 or more) large cannabis grow operation missions that spawn sometimes 20-50 miles away from all of my stations. You would think that with 1 extension you would get a lower chance of a large mission like that spawning but with more extensions and POIs to match you would get more airport missions, even if they are small missions like braking overheats and stuff.

    JB no disrespect intended I have been involved in Emergency Services and in ems in particular since 1998 I know they are used in some areas and are functioning well for those agencies. All we are simply asking is to either allow the option to turn off the portion that automatically makes it transport the patient or allow an option for the regular or rescue engine to treat someone to say 50% or treat class A and some B patients fully like a fly car does. Because non transport paramedic engines exist and I would bet outnumber actual engine ambulances 3 to 1 in any area. I can think of a half dozen major cities that run bls or even als staff on every single engine and routinely treat patients on scene. We don’t want the engine ambulances to go away we just want additional realistic options!!!!

    Agreed, most engines in my state are ALS level of care or at the very least have the ability to provide ALS care when an ambulance shows up.

    I never said it wasnt a realistic unit, it is, however it just doesnt fit right in the game imo, it costs more to use it than to just get a normal ambulance and ends up requiring more units to respond to calls if you actually transport with it, which is why I brought up the idea of a change. Yes players dont have to use it, but is it not better for the game and the community if it is a unit people use regularly? Nobody was making a fuss, I was just stating the fact that its kind of useless for what its intended to do. Yes its only a game, but its also a game with people who do this stuff day in and day out and understand it, this unit has practical applications in the real world, however like you said it is a game and it cannot be 100% realistic, which ends up culminating in this unit which doesnt work well with the way the game is set up and played. it is unfortunate that you guys dont want to change that but such is life.

    Has there been anymore thoughts or progress with the developers on this? I know they just released a update and are planning another soon.

    with 90% of the other stuff on these threads, it likely wont go anywhere but i hope it does because the EMS engine is completely useless as it stands

    I am trying to shift (slowly) into a realistic game with correct vehicles per station, I do not understand the requirement for a minimum of 10 people at a fire station? Some of these stations have 5 or 6 people maximum depending on the station, with others having upwards of 10 or 15 per station which is on the high end. What is the reasoning for requiring the other 4-5 people being at the station just sitting not assigned to trucks? I suggest that we either lower the minimum to 5 or remove it entirely to more properly spread out resources

    I am not sure if anyone gets this, but I get a ton of sinkhole missions like significantly more than others. ( I have gotten over 15 of them today) and each of them only pay between 1-3k and they eat up a lot of resources (15 pieces of apparatus not including ambulances and not accounting for rescue engines and quints). Considering that many other missions that require up to 15 pieces pay upwards of 5-8k or higher depending on the mission, these need to pay more if they have such a high frequency.

    As multiple accounts within the same version are against the ToS, there is no provision for transferring credits to another account.

    youre saying I cant have a second account that is completely independent of my primary?

    Edit: just read the TOS did not know I couldnt have multiple accounts, they are independent of eachother but I am reading that I can create another game world on the same account? How do I do this? I just started that second account today (not knowing it was against TOS obv) so theres no losses if I just start over.

    Is there any way to send money or resources to another account I own? I recently created a new account to make a realistic district in the capital city of my state and don't want to go through the grind of starting all over again, is it possible to send money to that account or somehow send manpower or vehicles?

    Edit: Part of the problem with my main account is I have too many resources at each station and I want to make a realism version of my other account. It would cost me a crazy amount of money to build enough stations to spread out enough to be able to make that primary account realistic

    So then the solution is to change the EMS engine from an ALS Ambulance to an ALS Fly car, or create a new unit designation.

    An option for it to transport is needed

    Why? It doesnt make sense to be able to transport outside of the few missions that have both an ALS patient and a requirement for an engine. It's more expensive and less useful than having 2 stations or 2 different pieces of apparatus.

    This has been talked about before, but I want to bring it up on an actual post rather than a reply in a thread.

    I think the EMS fire engine kind of breaks the game. The fact that it can treat and transport ALS patients while also filling 1x engine requirement for missions is the main issue here. I propose a change to the EMS engine where it can no longer transport, but rather treat patients to an ALS level and also fill the 1x engine requirement. The current issue is this: The EMS engine is really only useful for medical calls that require 1 engine and have 1 ALS transportable patient. Anything else that has more than 1x engine requirement causes major issues.

    In order to transport patients, you have to take that engine away from the scene which forces you to have to dispatch another engine to fill its place, and I would have been better off just sending an ALS transporting ambulance rather than expanding a fire station, buying the ambulance extension, getting 1-6 people trained in ALS for fire apparatus. For all of that, it costs 100k to expand the station for another vehicle spot, 100k for the extension and 7 days of building (or 10 coins), 25k for the vehicle, and 3 more days (or 6 coins) for training. The total cost is 10 real world days (or 16 coins) and 225k to buy ONE engine that causes me to have to disaptch more units when it treats and transports a patient.

    If I were to expand an EMS station, it would cost 100k for the expansion, and 5k for an ALS transporting ambulance. A full 120k less than buying the EMS engine.

    The way I see it right now, there is absolutely no reason to buy the EMS engine, expand and extend a fire station, and train 6 people just to be able to fill 2 spots. This is not the same as the quint or the squad (rescue engine) as those pieces do not have to leave the incident midway through. Might as well just buy 2 pieces (the engine and the ambulance) in different stations rather than wasting the money and the time.

    I do understand that there are real world examples of this, however it is uncommon (if you want a real example, look at South Ogden Utah, they have one), and doesn't fill an in game role as it stands (it works in real life because real life operations are different than the game).

    So how do we fix it to make it useful? Remove its ALS transport capability and only allow it to treat ALS patients, that way when you send an ALS ambulance to the scene, there is no treatment needed, transport is automatically available. Keep the training requirement and the ability to put it in a fire station with an ambulance extension. Still let it fulfill the engine requirement for missions, but stop it from leaving with a patient midway. This would not only solve the issue of having to dispatch more units, but would make it useful for players who want to save time by treating a patient while a transporting ambulance is on the way.

    Let me know what yall think.

    You're actually getting airport calls without airport extensions? I have 3 airport extensions and multiple POIs at all the state and local airports in rhode island and I dont generate any of them. Honestly cant remember the last time I got a plane crash mission, instead I get 4-5 Large Cannabis Grow Operation missions every day and I only have 2 federal police stations.

    While we're at it, I have no airport expansions built but get calls like "debris on runway" - I don't want these spawning period unless I have an active airport expansion.

    Edit: lmfao since writing this I have gotten 2 more LCGOs