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    Might be a decent idea to add a follow up to some hazmat missions with a decon mission. I think it should either be a standalone mission (in the event of some sort of chemical spill) or as a "caused by" mission (similar to officer down, caused by [whatever mission]).

    Might also be a good idea to allow for an extension to stations to allow for decon units. I know that in FDNY some engine companies are specifically Decon engines (Engine co. 7 in Manhattan), might be a good idea to have a decon trailer unit that is towed by a utility truck (partially to give utility trucks more uses) or maybe even by the engine (to give the impression of a decon engine).

    The title not make much sense but what I am thinking is to allow you to tie units together (more than just boats and trailers) so that they always run together if you send one.

    I am thinking something similar to how FDNY Squads and HM1 work. For those that don't know, Squads run as 2 units to some calls, the engine and the squad. Hazmat 1 always runs as two units, the walk in hazmat unit and the other unit (cant remember what it's for but most likely extra hands and equipment).

    I think it might be a cool addition to allow you to tie a maximum of two units together so that they always run, this is not an alarm response regulation, this would be similar to tying boats to trailers and stuff like that.

    I noticed that there are a few dual purpose units such as Quints, Rescue engines (squads), and TEMS units as well as hazmat ambulances but there are no hazmat engines. Many towns and cities run some engines as hazmat capable engines wether it be for decon or full hazmat.

    Might be a good idea to add a hazmat engine with a smaller tank (500 gallons), 30 gallons of foam, and as a 6 seater (minimum of 4) where all of the personnel are required to have hazmat cert.

    This would be nice but it'd be really complex for it to be implemented so that the ARR works out exactly, with all the possible solutions for some of them.

    It would be, but it would make things much easier. For example, I have this issue with a regulation I created for Large Cargo plane fire with oil leak, I end up sending way more than I need with the response regulations because its sending a rescue engine as just an engine and not as both a heavy rescue and an engine. Same with quints and mobile command vehicles, etc (all dual purpose units including game wardens and stuff because they technically count as police cars even though game wardens is set to 0 in the response reg) Not sure if there is a way to fix this, but it would make things much easier and much more streamlined if there was a way to turn off certain units or at the very least count them as both.

    Edit: I would have the right amount of units for the incident if it did not send a quint and a platform as the same unit (platform truck) and same for rescue engines and so on.

    What i mean by this is with stations that have a lot of trucks, counting and adding each vehicles occupancy and comparing it to how many staff i have at the station is time consuming and can be streamlined.

    I suggest we put a number somewhere in the station screen that shows how many total seats are available on the all the vehicles in the station. This makes it very easy to compare how many staff I have and how many seats i have open on vehicles, and which vehicles I can buy if I choose to expand and buy a new station.

    I have a problem with the way these work. When I say i need a certain amount of units, say 8 engines, 3 ladders, and 3 heavy rescues. It will send quints and platforms both as ladders and same with the rescue engine and heavy rescue vehicle, and use up more resources than necessary. Is there a way that this system can be changed to allow us to turn off certain units or change it to where you can tell it to stop sending units after the requirement has been met?

    This way im not sending resources that arent needed to large incidents that make keeping track of units hard (I.E. Large Cargo Plane Fire with Oil Leak).

    Unfortunately with the game if you cancel your fire or police units even when the mission has completed but it still has patients left before the mission is 100% complete all units that you have canceled will be required to be sent back to the mission see the pics below I canceled 1 sheriff unit from a completed mission that just had patients left

    If I have completed a mission but I have patients still being worked on, I cancel the fire apparatus to make more resources available and just let the EMS do its thing. Could be the US version of the game but it works for me.

    This is what Katnip was saying you can do, as long as the progress bar is white then you can cancel fire/police units (US version). This is why having a cancel fire apparatus button would be nice to have so for large missions that have a lot of patients you can cancel all your fire apparatus to free up the resources.

    I see that we have 2 buttons currently, one for cancelling all ambulances, and another for cancelling all units. I find that fire finishes up before EMS does with patients, especially for large scenes that have a lot of patients and MCIs, maybe add another button to cancel all fire apparatus (with the exception of EMS transporting engines) to free up fire resources and let EMS take care of the patients and transporting. Sort of a first world problem of going through and cancelling all my fire pieces one at a time but it would be cool to see that button and it would streamline the game a bit more.

    Personally I don't think its a great idea, only because I feel that it makes too many multipurpose units and thereby complicates the game, mission requirements, and response regulations (which are already broken af).

    I noticed today that there's some missions that come in as, for example, Residential Fire (Fire Alarm System) or something similar to that. To make the game more realistic, I think that having the mission read "Box alarm" as a separate mission with multiple different variants that can evolve into fires or simply stay as a box alarm.

    In other words, mission comes in as a box alarm, requires 1 engine and 1 ladder, and can evolve into a residential fire, drug lab fire, high rise fire, etc.

    To me, this makes more sense because most of the time when we are dispatched to a box alarm, its nothing but has the chance to turn into a fire, but you as the player would not know what call would be coming as a result of that.

    I noticed today that EMS Fire Engine/Ambulance vehicle types do not carry any water, but the point of it is to cross an ambulance with a firetruck. Real EMS transporting fire engines (transport pumpers) do have a smaller than usual water tank, somewhere between 350 and 500 gallons of water usually. Maybe add water to this vehicle type to make it more realistic?

    Everyone has heard that hazmat people have enough foam to fill a football stadium, but they don't carry any foam in the game. Maybe adding 50 gallons of foam or something like that would make the game more realistic.

    I have a proposal to add platform and heavy rescue trucks to replace fire trucks when doing this mission, most heavy rescues and ladder trucks should carry similar equipment to open a car door to rescue somebody, it would make the most sense to require 1x firetruck (or heavy rescue or platform truck as a replacement), 1x police car, and 1x ambulance (for 1x patient).

    Let me know what you think of this change idea.