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    Hi is there a way we can get airport operations as a separate building as I have a small fire station at Lydd which is a small to medium airfield and keeps generating mission that need airport operations vehicle which currently has to come from another location.

    Don’t waste your credits I had them running out of HART base to be used at jobs with high number of critical care and it could only treat one person. No point using thrm

    Hi All

    I am having issues around some of my fire stations that are land locked technical rescue when generating a person in flood water or similar i dispatch the boat but then requires to send a flood rescue unit which is only available for lifeboats and coast guard stations is there away we can get this to be available to fire stations as well


    Hello All

    Dose anyone know if I use a crew carrier with a full load of critical care do they get distributed to all the casualties that need them or does it still count as one unit to one patient.

    I did bring this up when the crew carrier was launched and told they couldn’t do anything about it was wounding if it had changed.


    This is a known bug I believe, there are several calls where the ALB should be able to cover the ILB especially now as the newer ALBs have a small daughter boat they can launch.

    Hopefully, but believe that going to be added to in part 2. Don't think it currently has any calls.

    I don’t understand why I keep getting calls where I need an inland water boat when I don’t have anybody trained in that.

    First of thanks for the update I was wondering if someone could explain to me why evacuation of a cruise ship or vessel needs a ILB not a ALB.

    Will a flood rescue unit work as a inland rescue boat

    First the heli will transport from scene to hospital direct as they do that in real life anyway.

    A lifeboat can not go from scene to hospital they need to go to shore and transfer the patient to the care of the ambulance service for onwards transport to hospital.

    There is an issue around the CC element of calls just now as part of this update, so would take it this is part of that issue.

    Ok thanks the CC might be the reason the helo is not transporting. I understand why the lifeboat can’t go to hospital but confused as to why the helo couldn’t but maybe it was the CC causing the problem

    Dose anyone know why the coastguard helicopter can transport straight from the scene the lifeboat has to take it a shore first and why the critical care personnel on board the helicopter don’t work have I missed something.

    Also can the coastguard helicopter be used as HEMS


    Can we add that in the ARR you can only select light 4x4 not the 4x4 from a lifeboat stn

    NameHose Layer
    Purpose-major fire incidents
    How many personel are requiredminimum 2
    Training-High volume Pump
    Building expansioncould be added to pod extension
    Number of Prisoner/Patient slotsN/A