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    I do understand that in London a lot of hospitals do have helipads

    I think you misunderstood my comment. Only 3 hopsitals in the whole of London have helipads - all MTCs, then a fourth MTC doesn't have a helipad. No other hospitals actually have a helipad on site but this doesn't take into account local areas HEMS will land in and then convey the patient the remaining short distance by road. 27 hospitals in total, only 3 helipads.

    I like some of the ideas in here. Certainly work on what expansions are available or needed would be nice as they are a direct copy from the US game, and even those are a copy themselves so not every department is used.

    If helipads were to be added, it would be very expensive to retrofit hospitals with them. 24 of my hospitals have helipads whereas 25 don't (8 of those are within Greater London). I've been doing some work recently to work out which hospitals have helipads. In the following areas I've listed the percentage of hospitals that have helipads, regardless of major trauma status. SECAmb (70%), EEAS (47%), SWAS (66%), LAS (11%). London is the outlier as it's so densely populated and built up that it doesn't have a need for helipads as there are so many hospitals in close proximity and even one of the MTCs there lacks one - and that's not the only MTC in the country that doesn't have a helipad.

    Some hopsitals provide specialist services without the need or capacity to be a MTC so they may be better units to fly a critical patient to rather than straight to an MTC that could be even further away.

    As for the MTC idea in game, it has been planned and put forward and we were expecting it to have been released already but as you can see this is not the case. They would have the capability to have extra beds from what normal hospitals in game have. On that topic, the clinic could do with a rename to Urgent Treatment Centre but this is not a priority and may be able to be done in a hospital update in the future.

    With regards to the trauma unit being a specific hospital building in game, this is unnecessary as, according to sources on the NHS website, the vast majority of hospitals have a major trauma department. Obviously this doesn't make them a major trauma centre as there are further criteria they need to meet but they can still deal with most common injuries.

    Ambulance stacking at hospitals is something that was requested a long time ago. It's 'on the list' but I don't know how easy implementation is with the current transport system but really we need the better variation in hospitals first before we start stacking - and a different approach to how patients are released rather than one an hour. In my opinion, releasing a patient after 1 hour of being in the emergency department would be better rather than simply one person on the hour, every hour. Keep in mind that these patients aren't necessarily being discharged, they are being admitted onto other wards for further care.

    I have seen Cat 3 concerns for welfare before in these instances, especially if they're still on the right side of the railings. It definitely wouldn't be C1 as there's not necessarily immediate risk to life. RPU is required as if this happens on a bridge over a fast road, they should attend to stop the traffic going under the bridge and create a sterile area.

    Level 1 command training is specifically for command vehicles. Fire officers are level 2, 3 or 4 (so levels above the level 1 command). Most counties will run those levels in their own vehicles rather than on pumps, and can either be from stations or from home. We want to have the three levels off fire officers in the future. We also like the idea of hazmat officers amongst others. Hopefully we'll see these in the future.

    If it's any use, have a look at these links;

    somewhere i saw before a version with a POD full of IBC containers. Is that another version of this?


    I don't know what's inside one of these pods so it might have them. The LFB bulk foam unit has the containers visible on the back.

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    So every holiday should we feel the need to no longer ask questions or suggest ideas?

    What's not needed is bombardment as soon as one update is dropped, and on the thread of said very recent new update. We know police require an update, we're aware and are trying to get one as soon as we can.

    People shouldn't feel the need to give them holidays on suggestions. The guy was trying to give his ideas and ask questions and in no way invalidated the update we received.

    We all deserve a christmas break, don't we? Especially the developers who have worked very hard to get this update pushed out before the holidays. The next update will be announced as and when it's ready.

    Some beacons are red, some are white, but they are never orange. I don't know the callsigns but I found a map from a few years ago (pre-Bristow contract) with locations.
    Lee-on-Solent - HMCG (S92)
    Portland - HMCG (S92)

    Stornaway - HMCG (S92)

    Sumburgh - HMCG (S92)

    Culdrose - RN (SK)

    Prestwick - RN (SK)

    Lossiemouth - RAF (SK)

    Valley - RAF (SK)

    Boulmer - RAF (SK)

    Leconfield - RAF (SK)

    Wattisham - RAF (SK)

    Chivenor - RAF (SK)

    I hope this helps at least a little bit

    Very old and classic video but should hopefully show you. I wish they were still in use today, but the AW189s and S92s are pretty cool too.

    Thank u. I did look all the way through could not see one in red. I do Like the H one but would be better in red and white. Any chance u could do that.

    If not thank u

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    I made hospital icons a while ago and thought I would share them here for those who would find a use for them.

    Unfortunately due to changes on the forums they don't show as images but you can download them from Imgur, or I can reupload them if that does not work.