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    I'm getting an error where under the name of the fire station it is saying vehicles not visible and not showing what vehicles are at that station. I can dispatch them so they are there

    You can click on the icon of the station to toggle the vehicles in the buildings list.

    I am currently having trouble dispatching units. when I go into my dispatch window it won't pull up my arrs and also won't let me select or dispatch units. this has been happening for the past couple of days on and off with different missions and now it's to the point that the game is almost unplayable for me.

    you may have set the maximum distance to a low value. You can find the setting on the left side of the dispatch window on desktop devices and at the very bottom of the window on mobile devices.

    Yes, the limit is to avoid longer loading times. There are only 250 vehicles loaded at once and each click on the "load more" does load 1000 more vehicles.

    => The button does have good reasons.

    If you have to press the button (almost) every mission – even on small ones, you may want to overthink your system and try to spread your vehicles a little different to avoid that issue. (You of course don't have to do that and I also understand how the button can be annoying)

    No, the Status 9 only indicates "Alarmed to a mission but waiting for a towing vehicle to reach the Pod/Trailer". It is a normal status as all others except Status 5.

    After dispatching a towing vehicle to a status 5 Pod/Trailer, both will be in Status 6 (not available) until the towing vehicle has reached the Pod/Trailer. I understand how that may be a little confusing on first sight but it makes sense after a while ;)

    with a good alliance you can make a huge amount of credits every day. Which of course doesn't mean that no one of them is cheating but it is possible in general.

    You may report them to the team and they will probably investigate that as good as possible. However there are many ways to bot that cannot be detected:

    e.g. if a player uses a bot to move the mouse and make it click automatically or if one clicks keys automatically. You simply cannot detect that. It is technically impossible to detect (and prevent) that.

    And even if it was, there would still be ways to automate mouse and keyboard without using additional software on the device itself.

    Don't want to say that cheating is good and the team shouldn't try to do anything against it (especially where it is obvious) but you will unfortunately never be able to prevent it.

    As said: Reporting them to the team is best you can do :)

    You may (and should) always report bot users to the support via the known ways (help button in FAQ, mail). Always provide a prove to what you write e.g. when the user wrote that they use a bot.

    Unfortunately, it is technically almost impossible to do much against botting but be sure that the dev team is always up to suggestions on how to make it more difficult for bots.

    We've seen the same issue on the german version since almost the start of the game which has been in July of 2013. The toplist hasn't been a real toplist since then as there are many people that don't care about fairplay are violating the TOS regulary. You can earn a lot even without botting but it is difficult to compete against bot users.

    => The toplist isn't a toplist but a list of players.

    As unfortunately not much cannot be done against the issue, the best thing is not to see the game as a competition but to enjoy playing in your own speed with your alliance and friends.

    Thanks for this... But I can not find the Lead Planes, Smokejumper Planes, and the Large Tankers for wildland or the small tankers pulled by crew carriers or utility vehicles?

    have you selected the beta-branch (LSSM settings → choose version)? it isn't available on stable (default branch) yet.

    We will try to implement the new vehicles into LSSM as soon as possible if no contributor did it until then. But as we're all not home much today, it will still take some hours until the new vehicles are available.

    You may disable the feature for custom tabs until the update arrives (you will see the releasenotes and I will try to remember to post in here when it's live on beta and stable branch)

    For the sake of completeness:

    Mission generation:

    * Generating building is assigned to a dispatch center with its own coverage area => only buildings of this dispatch center count towards the minimum requirements!

    * Generating building is not assigned to a dispatch center => all buildings of the entire account (independent of dispatch centers) count towards the minimum requirements.

    * Generating building is assigned to a control centre without its own coverage area => All buildings of the entire account (independent of dispatch centers) count towards the minimum requirements.

    Important information about patients:

    Patients can appear if a rescue station or active ambulance extension is "nearby" (I think it was max. 15km, but haven't found a source on this yet, so no guarantee!). Dispatch centers and coverage areas seem to be irrelevant here.

    Disabled dispatch centers:

    If a dispatch center is disabled, the buildings assigned to it can no longer generate operations; the above-mentioned cases for minimum requirements are independent of this.

    Be aware that this only disables the "fun" event missions such as current soccer missions, easter missions etc.

    Seasonal missions such as autumn, summer, winter, silvester and spring are not disabled by this option :)

    tbh I don't see any point in such a feature:

    vehicle prices in game are pretty low in general (many vehicles < 20k), most of them < 100k and I think it rarely happens that you want to delete those that did cost more.

    That would mean that the selling price at an auction must be less than the price you bought it (which would be less than 5k for engines). You will make this money pretty fast with few missions plus players who would have to save credits to buy a vehicle are in general newer players so they got more staff problems. => buying the vehicles even faster only increases this.

    I understand the idea but I don't see any advantage, mainly because vehicle doesn't cost very much in game.

    This is a LSSM-Thing (because LSSM celebrates Birthday this week). There are no balloons in missions but you can launch some balloons from LSSM Menu and pop them.

    There is no reward or else but just some funny balloons :)

    I think you've misunderstood, the address for patient transfers is where the clinic is placed and instead of using the name the player gives the clinic is provides the street address.. which technically is how they could be given to the crews so not wrong.

    I like the idea of the mission address actually saying the clinic name, I will add this to the list for Ambulance however may not come quickly due to the updates we're trying to get out.

    I also believe I have put forward already for some inter-hospital transfers however I'm not considering Hospital to home yet.

    ah, thanks for your explanation, that clarifies the suggestion! :thumbup:

    I like the idea in general but I think, I would prefer a way to show both – the clinic name and the address.

    First......what is this and how do I get it to stop? Comes up with every mission

    That is a LSSM thing and wants to inform you that in none of the vehicle tabs in mission window, the listed vehicle types are listed, other than in the tab that shows all vehicles.

    You can prevent that from showing by clicking the "Close Note till change" button or when adding the vehicle type to one of the custom tabs, set in the "extended alarm window" module.

    Next....I am sure it has something to do with this. When will this be fixed? I sometimes have to click this as many as 4 times to get all vehicles to load. So now I have to click the above note and hide it before I can assign units

    This is not a bug and will not be fixed. To prevent performance issues, only 250 vehicles are loaded at once, each time you click the orange button, another 1000 (afaik) vehicles are loaded (takes some time to recalculate all ARRs). If that wouldn't be, both the server and your browser would take much longer to get the window ready for usage.