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Great Lakes Public Safety



Fly car's



POI missions spawning in random area



Mission chief gift coins or cards


Old british Army vehicules



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  • Grubber33270 -

    Replied to the thread Great Lakes Public Safety.

    We are actively recruiting. Currently We have 11 active members with Fire/Police/EMS stations in Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan and Ohio. We have over 3 million in alliance funds currently ready to build on request we are working on banking this up…
  • Usualrocket1 -

    Replied to the thread Fly car's.

    Quote from TACRfan: “Most of the time you will need an ambulance however there is a chance with certain called and patient codes that are A that a flycar will release them on scene. It’s rare though ” thanks for clarifying, what about b-e patients…
  • rescuenut93 -

    Liked TACRfan’s post in the thread Rural and urban mapping tools.

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    Quote from Petersen12: “Good Idea! I have no water tankers, and I try to be realistic, so now I have to turn foam trucks into water tankers for the city of pittsburgh. ” Please don’t bump old threads as it just helps keep the more recent ones at…
  • JVolunteer47 -

    Replied to the thread POI missions spawning in random area.

    I'm going to give TACRfan's suggestion a try, but I too have been having this problem. I get the Large Runway POI randomly spawning in all sorts of places.
  • Grubber33270 -

    Posted the thread Mission chief gift coins or cards.

    Mission chief should allow alliance admins to gift coins to the members of the alliance if I remember correct this has been shot down since it could be cheating with more then one account. Second option gift cards for mission chief. I'm the amount that…
  • DFRS999 -

    Liked DFRS999’s post in the thread Jackd's Vehicle Graphics.

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    Hi, any chance you are able to make this for me? Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Water Foam carrier.
  • DFRS999 -

    Liked JebbyJnr’s post in the thread **NEW** Mission Suggestions.

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    I apologise for this not sticking to the format. All will require an EMS response. Credit amounts are up to the devs. Here are the ideas: - Choking - Unknown Problem - could expand to another mission like the "Unknown structure fire" mission(see my…
  • TACRfan -

    Replied to the thread POI missions spawning in random area.

    The game uses other POI’s set by other players. It can be annoying because when playing in London I found there is a large runway on Trafalgar Square. Go into your dispatch centre and go to settings and make sure the option to use own POI is ticked.