FDNY Roleplay Alliance

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    • FDNY Roleplay Alliance

      The FDNY Roleplay Alliance is made for fans of the greatest fire department in the world who wish to work together acting as different battalions, divisions, or entire boroughs, in major events. The plan is to have each member recreate New York City's emergency services so that members can play as different units in weekly events. Some members may even act as dispatchers to make weekly events more immersive.

      The only thing required is that every member recreates the New York City's emergency services true to life. Even if you only have one station at the moment, you can still join as long as you plan to build the entire department.

      So if your looking for a realistic experience as an first response commander in America's largest city, dont hesitate to send a request!

      If you have any questions about the alliance and what we plan to accomplish please feel free to message me in game.

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    • Hi.

      I am John. I just downloaded the game and have my own board.
      I have no idea how to play this game as I dispatch my pumpers and they just sit at the incident..... yawn.

      I have 2 stations so far. Engine 54 and Engine 65.
      I need to join a FDNY alliance and find where I can get FDNY vehicle graphics.
      Any help will be appreciated. :D

      Regards, John.