New unit idea

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  • letsgohope12 wrote:

    We’ve discussed an Engine/Tanker and at this time the developer feels that it would make the game too easy.
    If I could bet a dollar to every time this was brought up I'd be rich.

    I'm not gonna preach on this topic and you've heard my views but there's pros and cons to this.

    -Another combination unit we all wanna see
    -Be helpful for realism
    -Another type of Tanker Unit

    -Make the game too easy
    -The regular Tanker won't be used as much
    -We make all these new units at once the game will get old and no one will play it as much.

    -Make it available at Staff Captain or higher so the game moderators get their money's worth out of it. If players see it available at a higher rank it will motivate them to play more. Make them work for it so there's no free fancy car rides or handed down silver spoons.

    -Limit this unit to a certain amount per stations made.

    -Possibly up the cost to make it harder to get.

    *-If this unit never gets made then allow the Tanker to put regular fire calls out but 50% to 75% slower in putting the fire out than the Type 1 Engine. Basic Tankers don't have space for all that equipment and manpower like an Engine does. This has a star on it because I'd like this to be considered and discussed if agreed by the moderators and admins here.

    Many times all my engines are out and I have about 2 or 3 Tankers left and useless. I really think it's a good idea to strongly think about and consider if the TE is shot down permanently.