Ability to change POI icons

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    • Ability to change POI icons

      I'm sure we have all experienced this problem before, and questions like these are asked... "ah, have I already done that one?" or "is that one of those, or one of those?" or "have all of those been done or have I missed one out somewhere?" or... you get my point 8)

      Before I continue on, I would like to apologise if this has already been suggested!

      Now, I'm pretty certain most of you would have answered "yep, that's happened to me before" to some or all of those questions above - now is there a solution? There is!

      Starting off with an example - there you are putting together your world, trying to work out what you need and what goes where. You come to the decision that you would like to place down POI's for all of the gas stations in your area. Sure, that's easy enough considering there are no other POI's to get in your way at this early stage. Alright, I should sort out the placement of my hospitals now, that shouldn't be too hard. Hmm... now I want to place down a whole stack of fast food restaurants. I start placing them, but then get distracted for a minute. I resume and suddenly find myself asking "have I done that one?" - not sure. Let me check... there's already quite a few POI's set in that immediate area. So then you find yourself asking things like "is that a fast food restaurant, or is that one of the gas stations I placed earlier?", and then the frantic clicking on existing icons to confirm what is what. And then comes the question: surely there is an easier way to quickly check what POI is what? But unfortunately no feature like that appears to exist... :(

      That was a long paragraph... :whistling: :huh:

      So how about a solution to the above?! How about we incorporate something similar to what we can do with vehicles - a logo/icon that can be applied to particular things. Say we could have a big green H for hospitals, a tree for a park, a bus for a bus stop, etc...

      By including a system to what is said above could solve a lot of problems that may arise when setting out your POI's. Perhaps we could even have a checkbox list where we can show/hide particular POI's? Say we only want to see all the train stations - then we can make sure all other boxes are not ticked. Then you can have reactions like "great! Now I can move onto the next lot of things that need doing. Maybe the hospitals... Oh wait, they've already been done!" - found out thanks to our useful little system :P

      Then comes the time to work out a solution to making sure you have all the fast food chains and the ability to confirm you have every store of each franchise, but that is when it probably gets a bit too complicated for the developer(s).

      So after all of that information, hopefully all has been processed fairly well. What are your thoughts? Would you like to see something like this? Comment below :)
    • Interesting thoughts, I do rather like the idea of those custom icons for each POI, I'm sure that the developer's supplier of them has plenty for such needs. I would also like to see on a greater note filter views in one place and for pretty much everything. Would allow for greater management of buildings and POIs for that matter.