SWAT Personnel setting on AAR/Other Ideas

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    • SWAT Personnel setting on AAR/Other Ideas

      1. Later on in the near future could it be possible to add to the Alarm & Response Regulations for a SWAT personnel count to be added rather than SWAT

      Only downside to this is if a call requires 6 and you have only 5 nearby then you'd have to call in else where. That's where my next idea comes into play.

      2. Allow SWAT Personnel respond to a call in Police Helicopters and Patrol Units as long as a SWAT Unit is present on scene. Would be very helpful if a player only needed 1 or 2 SWAT Personnel rather than sending a fully manned unit.
    • JebbyJnr wrote:

      Would the amount of swat needed be able to be a bit balanced? Irl, in the whole of South Australia, there's one bearcat :/ makes it hard to play realistically.

      Thanks! :) :)
      I hear ya, especially in my area where there's technically no armoured vehicled whatsoever. What I did was get creative. The Armoured vehicle is just what I used for larger SWAT vehicles, and for SUVs, what I did was implement crisis negotiators, detectives, whatever non-patrol units would make sense and assign them to SUVs. So if I have a bank robbery, I might send 3 detective cars, which meets the requirements, and doesn't break the realism totally either.
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